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, five years ago, I said, I’ve never set a profit in the year, and I still don’t have a plan. We still set our user satisfaction, new consumers, the product should provide the number of goals and so on.

reporter Ji Jiapeng Paris, France

recently, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong led the delegation of Jingdong procurement team to Paris, for overseas business platform, the official launch of the Jingdong French Pavilion page.

French red wine is the first category of Jingdong overseas direct mining operations, after the "French Museum" opened, Jingdong procurement delegation to Bordeaux region of France and other well-known winery owner, Rafi Margaux, also to discuss cooperation with French food, cosmetics and other brands on behalf of. It is understood that the future of Jingdong will be introduced in France, red wine, food, clothing and other local products in France, France is expected to five years after the amount of goods in the Jingdong’s annual turnover of more than 5 billion euros.

in addition to the French Pavilion on the line, Jingdong recently in the overseas business action frequently. In fact, for the Jingdong, the Jingdong store business has been profitable, the overall financial situation is not profit, overseas business and rural electricity supplier to become a Jingdong an important future earnings growth.

Jingdong said

group CEO Liu Qiangdong accepted the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter interview, the future will invest 10 billion yuan in the development of overseas business, will this year set up similar France Pavilion channel in 10 countries. I hope to set up a procurement center in Europe, more conducive to communication with partners." Liu Qiangdong told reporters.

According to the twenty-first Century

Economic Herald reporter, Jingdong mainly import and export business department had is for other mining sales department plans to provide support overseas direct mining, is essentially a support department, and from the beginning of this year, the sector rose to become Jingdong eighth mining sales department, and the establishment of the global purchasing team. Joined by the Jingdong international management trainee, directly into the various countries for investment cooperation. Currently, the team has more than 20 members, the future will be expanded to more than a hundred teams.

since the establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the development of cross-border electricity supplier began to accelerate the development of domestic. In 2014, Tmall international, Suning, shop No. 1, and other domestic electricity providers have been involved in. However, Jingdong’s overseas business is not without difficulty. First, compared to other electricity supplier companies started relatively late, the two is in the depth of the layout of the international competition is not as early as the layout. Liu Qiangdong told reporters that the Jingdong in the domestic business layout earlier than his opponent, but to catch up from behind overseas business as well.

in fact, from the business structure, the current Jingdong is not a simple electricity supplier companies, as we all know, Jingdong has been in the financial, intelligent hardware, online travel layout. What will the future Jingdong continue to create value?

overseas markets are not afraid of late

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