B2C core network marketing mode of learning VANCL Eslite analysis

no matter from the establishment of the network brand VANCL, or from the perspective of network promotion, is the success of B2C industry is worth in-depth study and learning, the learning mode of the competitiveness of products from VANCL, website promotion, design concept, three main aspects: channel analysis of core network marketing mode:


a, product competitiveness

We all know that

in the men’s shirts Eslite sales network as the starting point, and gradually extended to the comprehensive type of clothing sales across the board, the high quality products of men’s shirts Eslite, is mainly composed of first-class foundry production, quality and brand shirts are comparable, and the price is very favorable, spend less money, get more high value products, any consumers will favor such products.

revelation: enterprises to carry out B2C e-commerce, product quality, price performance is the foundation and key, because the ultimate consumer favorite factors or the value of the product to consumers.

two, website design concept

Website design style

VANCL make people feel very professional, has a strong desire to buy, the head of navigation column at a glance, the middle popular classification but also for consumers to quickly find the products they need; product image processing is very good, clear and natural, combination of product promotion strategy, it is easy to attract visitors to click. At the same time the purchase process design is relatively simple, the purchase conversion rate is greatly improved.

revelation: website design style B2C online shopping mall has diversity, we should choose their own characteristics of the product style design, focus on user experience, very eye-catching highlight the product features or promotion information, simplify the shopping process, convenient for consumers to online shopping.

three, promotion channels

CPS is a Web Alliance promotion channel VANCL main, CPS is based on the actual sales of the products of the Commission for advertising advertising model, with a large number of VANCL website, prompting consumers to quickly understand the brand VANCL to the quality of products, brand and marketing strategies to retain users. Other marketing channels and VANCL industry portal network advertising and other media advertising, promotion etc..

revelation: B2C to promote a variety of models to find a good effect of the model, stick to it will succeed. Promotion SEO, forum, blog, inquiry platform, soft, SNS, event hype, search engine bidding, paid advertising, website alliance and so on channels, suggestions for the development of B2C e-commerce enterprise several methods and principles, to find the best price promotion methods.

Today we

to VANCL as the study object, the competitiveness of products, website design, promotion three aspects of channel analysis of core B2C network marketing mode, but do not all of these B2C e-commerce, we also consider the product supply chain, logistics, sales and service, public relations crisis and other factors.

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