The success of the first kitchen after the registration of the domain name


Road Station House Hotel "trademark was registered first, Harbin Road station house" first kitchen "fourth generation descendant of Zheng Shuguo only applied for" Harbin pass "label, but with the last lesson, Zheng Shuguo brand awareness is stronger. Yesterday, he was the first to register successfully on the Internet, "Tao House," the Chinese and English domain name, for the future, "road table feast," the promotion and promotion of the road.

Zheng Shuguo told reporters that in 1885, Zheng Shuguo’s great grandfather Zheng Xingwen in Beijing East Gate Street in Donghua opened a "old kitchen really Wei Ju hotel. In 1907, Zheng Xingwen recommended by the people, with 14 excellent Culinary Chef family came to Harbin, enter the Binjiang pass yamen, as Binjiang Road’s first Department of Taiwan Du Xueying. Count up, old kitchen home flavor in Harbin roots for 100 years. After the study and inheritance of generations now, Zheng Shuguo has been under the family notes per dish, which is named "Taiwan feast". After the "road house" trademark registration frustrated, his brand awareness, and soon registered on the Internet, "Taiwan government" domain name. Yesterday, he registered the "official website" online domain name officially registered successfully, the international domain name registration center and China’s top domain name registration center issued a domain name certificate to him. The reporter saw, Zheng Shuguo successfully registered "English Road station house" in the name of a total of 9, the well-known time-honored "old kitchen" domain name 6.

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