Group purchase thinking

today you buy it, since March this year, this is known as the cohesion of the unity of the forces, the wisdom of the collective consumer spending patterns of group buying began to enter people’s sight. Because of the short time to help you save money, to help businesses improve the visibility, so the "group purchase" consumption patterns quickly become Liaoyuanzhishi spread. All kinds of group purchase websites emerged some early group purchase website every day * * * click rate and the rate of products sold to thousands, can be said to be the day into gold, accumulated, alarming figures. At the same time, a large number of consumers into the cash, the problem also quickly show. This group buying craze should also cause people to think cold.

one, buy risk

a lot of consumers see the benefits of spending can save money, but the lack of awareness of its risk side. Many buy site in order to gain the need for service providers and product suppliers do not choose or lax, but also a corresponding increase in the risk of consumer buying. Does the service provider or supplier have the appropriate qualifications, whether the production conditions, products and services meet the relevant national standards. Money to pay for the quality of the product is a problem, who to look for the process of receiving the service of the body hurt how to do, these will become a buy consumer risk.

second, who has the risk to find

Since the "group purchase"

risk, so the risk of looking for? I understand that a lot of "group purchase website no office address, no business license, legal person who do not know, find a problem, who do not know where to find, of course, the registered capital is much more impossible to know. The biggest problem of virtual world consumption is out, the risk may not find people, have no problem reasoning, even when the "group purchase" when a huge profit, some unscrupulous businessmen abscond are possible. This will undoubtedly increase the risk of the majority of consumers choose this consumption patterns.

So how to

as far as possible to avoid this risk? We think that government departments especially the administrative department for Industry and commerce to intervene early, as soon as possible on the related management practices, and strengthen industry management is one of the most effective way. In addition, the site should also buy the following aspects of self-discipline.

first, all buy site must be their own website or sponsor of the business license and other related qualification certificate on the website.

second, his office phone, office address, etc. to the public.

third, buy site must cooperate with their business qualifications, such as careful review, to ensure that there is no error.

fourth, group purchase website or the organizer of the registered capital of not less than 1 million 500 thousand yuan, the only way to avoid as much as possible when large group purchase turnover behavior at the site.

so, these measures, how to buy the site is how to look at the cattle group network CEO Liu Baiquan told reporters that the legitimate operators no one will refuse the supervision of government departments, the contrary

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