Dangdang platform to build a new platform for the two industry ecosystem

2015 opened, there were great dangdang.com action – the overall layout of digital reading. In fact, "Chinese news published" reporters on the day before at the supplier meeting on dangdang.com when he heard the news, not surprised. Because in 2014 Dangdang frequently broke digital reading news. For example, directly with the famous writer Zheng Yuanjie together, this is the original literary roots dangdang.com this road "touchstone"; for example, when reading a high-profile launch of version 4, to lead the trend of digital reading.

this time, is not only a writer or a single product, dangdang.com already have a new layout clear digital reading: the transition from the "paper + book" sale mode to the mode of free Internet, from proprietary to open platform, enter the content copyright inward from book sales, in addition to the final maturity the business sector, to build the network era in digital reading business as the center of the new dangdang.com.

15 years of big data

provides guidelines for content and promotion

force digital reading, Dangdang believes that this is a very obvious customer, data, copyright advantage.

Dangdang released the latest market research report shows that 90 users accounted for more than 1/3 of the total Dangdang users, the ratio is higher than the industry average data. Dangdang is expected to occupy a larger proportion of young people in the future, and fragmented reading, personalized reading, light reading is the main needs of young people.

has 15 years of national reading big data, Dangdang believes that this is its unique advantage, can provide content for the production, precision promotion and user social and soil guidance. According to the data provided by dangdang.com, as of December 2014, Dangdang net book amount of data accumulated to reach 500 million, covering nearly 200 million people, in addition to read APP 25 million data daily.

in order to fully attack in 2015, in 2014, Dangdang digital reading business quietly layout. Vice president and general manager of dangdang.com digital business division Kan Min introduced this year, digital book downloads accounted for the proportion of sales of books dangdang.com expanded from 10% in 2013 to 20%, up to 60 million copies, is expected in the next 5 years is expected to exceed sales of paper books, reading APP monthly active users up to 370%. Digital book sales and the rapid increase in the user, benefiting from the paper to get through (Dangdang shopping and Dangdang read a comprehensive exchange), the number of reading into the quality of user resources." Kan Min said that the current Dangdang wireless side traffic accounted for more than 50% of the book sales are achieved through the phone.

but insiders bluntly pointed out that piracy will be the biggest challenge in the field of digital dangdang.com into.

push a variety of applications

main field of education

Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing at the supplier’s meeting, there is a saying in the traditional publishing industry

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