Consumers are holiday kidnapping business promotion There is much fineness in the Qixi Festival

The Qixi Festival

review: with the arrival of Valentine’s day, many electricity providers and ground businesses start another round of promotions, many consumers said was "holiday" kidnapped, more consumers to reveal all kinds of tricks in the business promotion forum. Consumer experts to remind consumers of some goods in some parity, buy, comment and benefits on the 800 usually there is a discount, consumers should pay attention to rational consumption, to avoid being fooled by the hype of commercial gimmicks.

Jingdong and Gome (micro-blog), Suning launched the electricity price war is like a raging fire, originally thought can be a boon to consumers has found that the price of most products is just a gimmick. Electricity supplier price war is not intoxicated, here the ground merchants are directed at "the Qixi Festival" launched various promotions. According to the website of 800 life preferential polymerization monitoring Hui found that various ground merchant offers information updates in the past 2 weeks soared, an increase of nearly 30% over the end of July, in which 62% of all deals with last month is similar, but increase the "the Qixi Festival" claims, many ground promotions also exist first price discount "," serial fanquan "etc.. And the more savvy consumers are no longer helplessly, they began to come up with their own weapons to defend their consumer rights, have by micro-blog, consumer forum drying out their parity found even collective summed up business promotional tricks.

data show that since the Qixi Festival moniker "Chinese Valentine" reputation since both stores or electricity supplier will not let go of a series of discounts, gifts, sweepstakes activities on this day. In fact, not only is the Qixi Festival, nowadays, group purchase discounts, coupons, buy gifts, sweepstakes and other promotions everywhere, more businesses do not have holidays in in with the launch of the anniversary, the demolition sale, clearing and other various activities to attract the attention of consumers, now seems to be "Festival Festival, festival festival" has become the essential way of marketing business. According to statistics, such as Valentine’s day, women’s day, mother’s day, the Dragon Boat Festival, business anniversary, the Qixi Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, National Day, singles day, christmas…… The big and small festivals of the year add over 15.

Hui 800 website consumer forums on the Internet friends have complained that, although many businesses launched discount promotions, but the real benefit is not much, the netizen "Crazy Stone" message: "now afraid of the holidays, various promotional activities do not participate in it for fear of missing the regret buying found more regret, because the promotion more crazy the next was waiting in front of myself, really cannot hold the purse, or vulnerable".

this, discount consumer experts Hu Chen pointed out that holiday promotions really can attract the attention of consumers and create a reason for their impulse spending. In fact, businesses are also often passive suit, don’t discount their home not afraid bungle opportunities. But if you have been playing holiday cards, consumers will also cause aesthetic fatigue, and ultimately damage the continued development of the brand and business. Businesses should make good use of different incentives, such as credit card users, loyalty

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