Electricity supplier impact caused by the development of local traditional business differentiation

"when most prosperous business is seven or eight years ago, the entire temple road are numerous people." In the operation of a confluence of flowers with underwear shop owner Huang Hong, graduated from junior high school came to Foshan, has been in the business of individual business zumiaolu. The flowers near the square have been flourishing of stream of people, until recent years, she found that the business is getting worse, and more recently the initiation of the end of the business, another way of thought.

recently with the merchant asked for collective confluence of flowers, the incident is no longer the mall people buoyant, retail business is not ideal.

now the rapid development of e-commerce, changing people’s way of life, the rise of online shopping mall is also constantly eroded the department store business cake. For the traditional department store retail industry, the development of the industry to accelerate the arrival of winter. In such a situation how contrarian, the issue is unresolved to traditional retail industry practitioners.

in the new rules of survival, some shopping malls in the region began to adjust the format, experiential business development with shopping mall, and a part of embracing the "Internet plus", with independent business platform integration of online and offline resources.

Nanfang Daily reporter Li Xiaoli Intern

visited the store to make ends meet deserted popularity 7 years of operation of small businesses tuiyi initiation

in rent second days after the events of the past, Huang Hong re opened at the confluence of the shop door with flowers. This has always been known as the "woman street" shopping malls, with hundreds of large and small individual shops, selling mostly related to female clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc..


reporter in the evening of November 3rd to the mall site to see a building with flowers confluence flow of people is more, but the 2 floor of the shops, slightly deserted. From the beginning of the two floor, there are some shops closed doors. The store’s B museum is deserted, more than two people visited the basic floor.

"rent 8000 yuan a month, now business is cold, we make ends meet every month." Huang Hong told reporters that her shop now can only earn enough monthly rent and capital, and even pay labor costs are not enough.

electricity supplier, the emergence of micro operators on the impact of a large store, I do not know how to open the shop, can only continue to live here." She said that since the rise of online shopping in recent years, the entire store market began to fade. Now her underwear store turnover of only 1000 yuan per day, excluding rent and labor, it is difficult to have a greater profit.

Huang Hong said that if the market continues to slump, she may find another way.

in fact, there are many in the same way as the self-employed Huang Hong Temple, to catch up with the times, the most buoyant retail business development however, these city commercial prosperity of the witness, is now in a more depression days.

in the Temple Road business of individual business 7 years of Huang Hong still remembers her first year in.

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