Alibaba today the Hong Kong Stock Exchange delisting calculate what Ma earned

today (20), Alibaba (01688.HK) will be officially delisted from the hkex.

experienced a few months, the privatization of the Alibaba settled dust. Will gradually become "chicken ribs" B2B business transformation, buy YAHOO 20% stake in Taobao, solid control, Alipay, Tmall and other advantages of resources to promote the integration of its "Ali" overall listing, Ma "retreat" purpose.

overwhelmed Alibaba delisting, so the concept stocks delisting tide has become the focus. Since last year, the Tongji hall, music language Chinese, Shanda, security technology and other takes stock of privatization to delisting.

takes stock delisting for different reasons, such as the famous royal network, Alibaba, and realized book profit, enterprise strategy has also been remodeling; but for most stocks, delisting is helpless to lose money in business." 19, said the general manager iResearch electricity supplier division Fu Zhiyong accept economic herald reporter. Delisting cost disparity

privatization delisting, the first need to calculate the cost of delisting.

, the Herald reporter noted that in the Alibaba privatization offer, the repurchase price of HK $13.5 / share. Coincidentally, this price is the same as the issue price of Alibaba in November 2007 when it was listed in Hong kong.

5 years of reincarnation, "Ma’s privatization price progressive flat out? According to offer, the repurchase price of HK $13.5 / share price premium is 46%, therefore, the Alibaba group will be paid to the small shareholders of nearly HK $20 billion.

In fact,

, only from the book surplus look, Ma and his team behind, this is a worthwhile business. 5 years, Ma with the same initial price to buy a net profit growth of more than 6 times, an increase of $25 in cash equity.

compared to Ma strategizing, most of the cost of delisting shares is much higher.

digital to the southeast as an example, in January 2008, Southeast digital landing AIM (the London Stock Exchange in the second market, the British equivalent of the GEM), because the landing way is introduced, and did not raise funds. After the listing of the company’s share price fell from the initial 26.5 pence / share to the delisting of 8-10 pence per share.

low volume, low price earnings ratio, the amount of refinancing is low, three low finally made the head of the southeast digital Zhu Zhaofa launched the privatization process. But more than two years AIM trip, Zhu Zhaofa to pay expensive tuition: failed to raise money, but spent 30 million yuan IPO and maintenance costs 40 million yuan to 50 million yuan delisting expenses. Most passive delisting

delisting Ma, the greatest significance lies in the restructuring of the company’s strategic layout.

"at present, as the main business of listed companies Alibaba B2B business has gradually marginalized,"

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