Electricity supplier position purification singles false promotion is not in shadow

at the beginning of September, the NDRC price supervision bureau business exposure of false promotions, and not against each big enterprise wars "singles day (November 11th) initiative". In November 8th, Tmall, Jingdong, suning.com mall mall, Gome online mall and other major electricity providers have released "singles day" promotions.

and the national development and Reform Commission identified some enterprises exist false promotions 8 * 15 electricity supplier war, compared to the electricity supplier listed promotional information is more attractive. Suning.com launched the "universal coupons 300 yuan of the following goods are returned for the online and offline, and not subject to any restrictions and other activities; United States online store position before November 11th, carried out in the first round inclusive none, the whole network products heavy into 4 etc..

and 8 ~ 15 electricity supplier price war is different, each enterprise seems to have been deliberately avoid false promotions. Han Depeng, general manager of Gome online mall, said the United States mall zero tolerance for false promotions. Tmall mall vice president Wang Yulei said: "we will not tolerate" cry up wine and sell vinegar ", do not want a repeat of the November 11th in false marketing business."

extension, expansion

a number of joint enterprise group promotion form emerged

and Tmall, suning.com, Gome mall mall business promotional clear, August 15th initiated electricity price war Jingdong the mall some low-key. Until November 8th, the Jingdong said that in November 10th November 12th to the mall, mall, Jingdong will launch some of the goods 50 percent off promotional activities, in addition, will also launch fanquan activities.

, however, this does not affect this year "single day" business big promotion of the whole atmosphere.

compared with 2011, large enterprises to participate in the 2012 singles promotion number expanded to more than 10, in addition to Tmall, suning.com mall, Gome online mall, including dangdang.com, shop No. 1, Amazon, easy fast network Tencent and other commercial enterprises. In addition, the promotion of the market from 1 days to several days. For example, suning.com will be the main promotion for November 9th to November 11th long.

in this year’s "singles day" promotion, the emergence of several enterprises with "group promotion form". Tmall mall will join Taobao and Juhuasuan jointly launched promotional activities; suning.com announced a joint Eslite, excellent shopping network, Lasafo, red child resources such as joint promotion; Gome online mall said, will jointly implement physical stores online and offline promotional price.

behind the chaos of the marketing information, a new confrontation and the contest will also appear in the "day" during the. "Suning has only one competitor, that is Taobao." In the "8· 15" after the electricity supplier war, Suning Appliance executives have said the statement: suning.com’s rival is "with a telescope can not find opponents of Taobao".

and promotion?

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