Jingdong set off the peak of the quality of shopping at 1116 o’clock single volume breakthrough ten

Jingdong to promote the finale of the drama "618 peak moment" began to set off a climax from June 18th zero shopping quality. June 18th 11:16, Jingdong mall volume exceeded 10 million single. From the mobile terminal (including Jingdong mobile client, Jingdong WeChat shopping and Jingdong mobile QQ shopping, etc.), the amount of a single volume of rapid growth, the proportion of orders accounted for 87%. As of 11 points, the order of the geographical order are: Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Sichuan.

from the early morning of June 1st kicked off the battle of seckill for Jingdong 618 quality Carnival a rhythm fortissimo, massive user instant influx, peak orders are constantly refresh. Data show that the order of 618 seconds to enter the amount of more than 30 thousand single, breaking through the 140 thousand single 1 minutes. Only 76 seconds, Jingdong single volume on 2010 to break the record for the day of the year in, and in the 9:31 beyond the full record of the year 618 in 2014.

In order to deal with the order of 618

peak, Jingdong cloud platform bandwidth expansion hundreds of G, from dozens of attacks, to achieve 100% orders are completed in the cloud. Up to now, Jingdong Docker instance of running a breakthrough 150 thousand, elastic cluster size grew by more than 6 times last year, an increase of 618.

quality goods driven consumption upgrade

618 day 0:00-11:00 order full quality shopping features, in this belongs to the electricity supplier weekend, Jingdong is not only the overall amount of orders to achieve strong growth over the same period, the major brand contribution rate is high, in the search hot words list, in addition to air conditioning, refrigerator, mobile phone category keywords, millet, Meizu HUAWEI, apple and other brands are also among the best keywords that Jingdong, advocate quality consumption has been fully recognized by the consumers.

Jingdong home appliances set off a rush to buy a climax in the morning, the first category of air conditioning sales over 60 thousand units, more than 4 times the same period last year, of which GREE air conditioning sales accounted for nearly 50%. Large size TV sales grew significantly, which accounted for more than 55 inches of large screen TV accounted for more than 50%. Refrigerators and washing machines are 4 times more than the same period last year in just over 1 hours. 618 in the first hour, small household electrical appliances sales of more than 500 thousand units, more than the same period last year more than 4 times. 0 minutes after half an hour, dishwasher sales topped 5000 units, a full channel dishwasher sales record. A stove hood, water heater sales of more than 618 hours last year all day long.

only 1 hours in June 18th, Jingdong 3C division (mobile phones, computers, digital business) overall sales of goods exceeded 1 million 500 thousand, reaching the same period in June 17th, the times of 14 times. Mobile phone is still the most concerned about the 3C category, whether it is hot words or search sales in the top 5, compared to the same period last year, large screen, high performance, customization and other high-end mobile phone products significantly increased the degree of concern. Computer and digital aspects, the product of the game, the trend of entertainment is more obvious, game notebook, home >

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