The nternet financial hot who will challenge the balance of treasure

  if you are a sensitive taste buds investors, then you will realize that now is the hot Internet banking, will greatly help you increase your assets. This is the market opportunity, is likely to be a new way for China not rich investment channels.

Internet financial hot should thank Ali financial products introduced in July the balance of treasure, but now, it is likely to encounter the challenge of hitherto unknown large Internet companies, the traditional financial and P2P in the field of startups — these three forces are challenging the balance of treasure.

big brother challenger

China UnionPay’s UnionPay business in October 18th is the introduction of a similar balance treasure financial products.

and Baidu wallet from October 1st, just before its upcoming monetary fund products preheat. Baidu claims it can do two times the balance of treasure gains.

100 Fu Tong to launch the product path looks no different with the balance of treasure: when you will Alipay or pay hundreds in the money into the designated account number, you can get through the purchase of fund income. Balance treasure claims their earnings at around 4%, while Baidu said it may reach 7%-8%.

in fact, the balance of treasure has changed most of the traditional monetary fund impression, if you buy a bank linked Monetary Fund in two years of financial products, you will find that this is the two of the world. But there is still some carefully conceal mentioning the secret.

is the first rate of return. In fact, very few investors can be very accurate to say if you put the money into the balance of treasure you will get many years of income. Claims that up to 7% of revenue is in fact only an ideal state, it is not, nor is it possible to annualized income.

balance treasure to buy monetary fund, the fund’s income is floating. Its preference for investment projects is only two: reverse repurchase and one year expired products. Reverse repo is floating, the yield is greater than the one-year maturity of the product, but also Ali financial and Baidu wallet linked to the main investment fund monetary fund.

simple point to explain the reverse repurchase products. Sometimes the bank will encounter a shortage of money — not real money, but bank lending in how much money, need to make up a certain amount of deposit, the so-called deposit ratio. In particular point in time, regulators will check the bank deposit ratio, that is to say when the bank lent $75, you need to add 100 yuan deposit.

prior to this, the bank liquidity adequacy, the central bank relaxed attitude. But now the world moves easily. When regulators of commercial banks to strict discipline, so the commercial banks will need to borrow money at a particular node.

in addition to bank lending, the inter-bank market will also borrow money from the masses through the agency, which is the IMF issuers. This year, there have been two interbank lending rates in June and in September

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