Tmall launched the flagship store will be an independent investment expectations

March 2nd news, it is understood that Tmall today issued a notice to adjust investment standards. Tmall said that in order to better optimize the consumer service experience, Tmall will adopt new ideas in terms of investment, the initiative to recruit high-quality goods and services provider.


pointed out that Tmall investment, the biggest change was set up brand investment library from consumer demand and market needs, the objective is to find a good commodity and brand business, together to provide consumers with high-quality goods and services

industry insiders said that Tmall’s move will mean the beginning of directional investment, only by the invitation of the brand to be settled in Tmall, and the business will be settled in the independent way.

according to the announcement, Tmall new investment standards will be formally implemented in March 9th. Complete the application and submit the review with businesses through 17:59:59 before April 30, 2015 in March 9th before 0, apply the original investment criteria. If the business in March 9th before the application, but not in April 30th 18 money through the review, apply to new investment criteria.

similarly, Tmall has settled in the business, if you want to add a new brand, and at 0 on March 9, 2015 to apply for the addition of a new brand, but also in accordance with the new investment standards.

at present, Tmall has announced the first batch of 2015 can be settled in the Tmall brand, involving cosmetics, jewelry accessories and clothing, household appliances, footwear, bags, baby food and other 13 categories.

Tmall clear reply to the business, if the business does not operate the brand in the public investment brand, after the implementation of the new investment rules, it can not be settled in. At the same time, Tmall also pointed out that Tmall merchants brand will be in accordance with the needs of consumers and the structure of the various categories of Tmall market in the right time to update the contents of the update will be publicized in Tmall merchants channel.

many businesses generally believe that Tmall’s move greatly increased the threshold of the business settled, hoping to alleviate the problem of excess business and products.

a woman seller pointed out: no matter how the conditions of access to Ali, is still a lot of businesses and goods, consumers and purchasing power less. Tmall has now appeared in traffic, not repaying the businesses case, had to enhance the brand’s access threshold."

Analysis of

and industry insiders, Tmall for merchants settled the insufficient number of category still will not be too hard to control, but the new rules for the number of merchants settled merchants is very great categories of great influence, can be seen as a disguised shuffle".

but many businesses are not optimistic about the role of this new policy. A businessman bluntly, the adjustment of the investment standard does not involve traffic optimization, but the Alibaba group’s electricity supplier business if you do not adjust the operating structure, the reconstruction of traffic distribution logic, there will be a separate

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