Google push enterprise website mobile new services

Beijing on April 5th news, according to foreign media reports, Google Corporation today released a new service that allows companies to convert their website into a mobile site visible on the smart phone. The search engine giant hopes that this service can make the site easier to access, so as to continue to maintain its leading position in the field of rapid development of mobile. Google’s new service is part of the company’s "Go Mobile" program, Go Mobile is a time to encourage enterprises to better use of mobile platforms (including smart phones and tablet PCs) market activity. Companies need to pay only 9 per month per month, Google will create a more friendly mobile version of the company’s website, there will be touch control interface, looks like the same as iPhone APP. By using this service, companies can design their own mobile sites, or from Google to create a web site. It is reported that Google uses a start-up company DudaMobile technology to create a mobile version of the site. The company CMO Denis (Denis Mink) said, comparing with those who use mobile phone access to traditional website users know, this experience is very bad."

Mexicue, a food and restaurant chain in New York, is currently using the new service. Currently, the company’s Web site page visits per week for 5000 times, and in order to optimize the site for mobile devices, the site’s user experience is very poor. The company’s co-founder and CEO David Shilisi (David Schillace) said, this is a serious problem. "An available mobile site is very important for our food transportation because the location of the food in the process of transportation is constantly changing. The first two buttons on the page allow people to call us and find us, which is the most important information for customers."

in the mobile field, Google has occupied the leading position. Nelson’s data show that nearly half of all mobile users in the United States now have a smart phone, half of which are installed on the smartphone Google operating system. The search engine company’s recent move shows that it will continue to strengthen its leading edge. Digital marketing company eMarketer said that in the current $1 billion 450 million in the mobile advertising market, Google is the largest share of a dominant position.

in the help of major companies will own web site into a mobile site, Google saw an opportunity. Google is responsible for mobile sales and strategy director Jason – Spero (Jason Spero) said that even if the smart upgrade installation of various functions into the browser, the promotion of many companies in the mobile area is still not ideal, and some even did not set foot in. According to data provided by Spero, Google ranked twenty thousand in the top 62% advertisers, has not yet opened a mobile site. Spero said, "in this wave of wave of consumption, the commercialization of a large part of the original" be long in coming.

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