Good B2B website can not be separated from the six innovative ideas

one, from the big and all-round professional development is the current trend of

early in the development of the Internet industry, the relative lack of technical personnel, technical reserves are relatively weak, the technology is the first. This is the idea of advocating technology, resulting in a large number of sites lack of positioning, can not find the future. Although this is the only way for any industry from scratch, but the price is quite heavy.

after several years of development, the network from the early single, advocating technology began to plan, diversified, in-depth field direction, thus contributing to the prosperity of the Internet industry. The same is true of the B2B industry.

Technology and mode of the earlier

old industry B2B website, has been now variety, unique, multi direction and development path of transformation All flowers bloom together. The earlier large and Alibaba, HC mode by various industry segments, a single B2B site replaced, become the mainstream in the development of B2B. Now more B2B sites began to get involved in the internal market segments.

two, pay attention to industry positioning, attention to the market, the user needs of the site planning

website construction, planning for the first. Site planning is of course important work on the B2B website.

our planning work includes the development direction of the website, market research, industry demand, industry status quo and development trend of B2B website, the website of the audience, the function of the website design, website content planning etc.. These jobs are very important and indispensable.

site which is a basic problem, such as the early can not seriously study, will bring endless trouble to future work. Market positioning is a strategic issue, all other details of the work are around the positioning of the expansion. If there is a problem, the better the other jobs, the greater the error, the greater the deviation.

, for example, is one of China’s leading wind power web sites. As early as in the construction of the market, we do a detailed plan to clear the positioning of the site – China’s leading wind power portal. Web site for the wind power industry sectors to provide cutting-edge industry information. Our name, our domain name, planning, we set the content of our service, we set up the function section of our website promotion is not moving towards this goal of. Our work is also faithful to the implementation of this core idea. And now, look back, we have already exceeded the predetermined target. Our message is the mainstream of mainstream websites, media use, reporting, thus laying the first position in the industry.

site planning includes:

1, site positioning: to do what the site looks like;

2, website audience: is the enterprise or dealer, or other;


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