Juhuasuan experience sharing let store traffic uninvited

Hello, I am the wind leaf Gu City, to share with you today Juhuasuan experience:

selection of goods, do not challenge the second bottom line

do the activities, the discount end of losing money is inevitable, but now that to activities, it is necessary to determine a truth, losing money is not a problem, in order to gain greater harvest. (what is more harvest ah, of course, refers to the flow of customer resources, exposure and so on) and then, how to choose what kind of a discount from


we can not be compared with the mall mall mall, Taobao mall can do a lot of types of activities, but the market is not necessarily able to participate in the shop, but it can do things market stores, the mall will not necessarily be able to do. So, do not follow suit, not behind closed doors, my baby didn’t think, buyers can’t live the stupid idea.

we want to do, make a market shop industry standard post out. For example, Cenda digital market shop for the Juhuasuan product registration considerations: first, 750G mobile hard disk, the capacity in the market compared to peers in the shop, at least 900 yuan, and then, there is no problem on the capacity, but the high price trend will inevitably lead to buyers in the purchase of products look about and make no move. So, after the team discussions, with six discount as a turning point, because many buyers in forty percent off will think of the subconscious, half off of the original price of half the price can go at the end, could not go high, then back to a contact line of ideas, half off three.

why choose half off three? This is a cost accounting, since I want to shop, can lose money, but not reckless orders to lose money, so to calculate the price and cost, logistics cost, packaging cost and so on, in order to ensure the maximum benefits of quantization.

we do activities, can not be too happy, so the relevant data is necessary to quantify. In the co-ordination of the relevant data came out, you can determine how a baby is more suitable to do the activities of Juhuasuan.

went on to say, why not challenge the two bottom line


believes that many sellers want to sign up to participate in the activities of Juhuasuan before they have to understand the activities of the relevant rules and details. Rules and details are said not to understand, but also can not see it, we must grasp the key points, not what products are available on the. Fill in the registration form (such as the sample to send ah, ah, margin, right, is to pay the deposit, not a small number, can not afford to pay the deposit of the seller, it is impossible to us, however, after the deposit activities can be returned to the buyer, but also to ensure a quality honesty and credit).

then is the time problem, half a month audit waiting time can also do?. Be sure to use it. How to use, you will see the seller recount, for example in the store to preheat it what, hang a poster what, write for Juhuasuan products, to.

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