Su ningyun completed the establishment of the five big red child business integration development di


technology news (Liang Chen) May 6th news, the acquisition of the past two years, Su ningyun own management team gradually took over the red child, the red child SKU (stock) will be expanded to 500 thousand this year.

Su Ningyun business structure adjustment, its acquisition of vertical electricity supplier integration with the original red child, Suning baby Cosmetics division, and the establishment of an independent company operation, and electrical appliances, Suning proprietary 3C became one of the three carriages.

Su ningyun vice chairman Sun Weimin said, after the acquisition of red children on the one hand, Su Ningyun’s red children fully managed logistics system, solve the problem across the region; on the other hand, will switch the system to conduct a comprehensive, the entire operating system and Suning red children’s cloud operating system integrated in the background.

positioning for the difference between the red child, Suning said that the red child has a complete ecological chain of maternal and child electricity consumption, will improve the existing structure of Suning consumption, and complementary with other categories.

Sun Weimin said that the red child has five future development direction: 1, children in the maternal red consolidate market position, safeguard its independent development; 2, the use of Su ningyun in national resources for support, including logistics, membership and other data, and daily operations in business linkage, guiding each other flow; 4, red the children of their own development process should be the development of the platform, the integration of global resources; 5, operating on O2O development, from the original directory, network operators to buy entities under the line operation; 5, the introduction of social information.

this is Su ningyun business after the acquisition, the first release of a clear strategic plan for the red child. At the same time, the former deputy general manager of the Soviet Union, Pan Min, vice president of North China will serve as the new general manager of Su Ninghong. Suning said that Pan Minceng to help Suning Beijing turnover from ten million to nearly ten billion, and in the regional market competition to get the initiative.

Pan Min said to the market this year, planning, will take the audience more parity and massive explosion models straight down the sales strategy, burst paragraph discount will be 3 to 30 percent off, the supply quantity of every item to 10000 units; red children will also work with Abbott, Mead Johnson milk powder brands in the sale of a strategic alliance to ensure product quality; to meet the needs of some consumers Suning overseas E purchase also opened overseas direct mail service.

in addition, redBaby has established a logistics warehouse in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Chengdu covering model, the future will rely on logistics resources to enhance the speed of Su ningyun. Under the line, Suning will open 8 new stores, and Suning super store and flagship store launched maternal and child.

Suning aspects of public data show that, at present, the total number of red children up to 30 million users. In addition, the upcoming release of red child pregnancy reminder App – po.

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