Micro business survival Outlook illegal pyramid scheme or electricity supplier subversion

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original title: micro business survival face view

for micro business has two different views, one is the devil, that it is illegal pyramid schemes; the other is an angel, said it is the electricity supplier subversion. On the one hand, micro business have all kinds of show off their wealth, to demonstrate the correctness of this road, on the other hand, a derivative of "fakes" and "cooked", "pyramid schemes" report, frighten some later.

micro business really like the legend so make money? Who sold their goods? A group of land to fall, but a lot of land, which is behind the existence of what kind of law?

this year, there is no "circle of friends" lively: South Korea to sell mask, purchasing cosmetics, selling t-shirts and Nike dazuikou shoes……

they are micro business. How to sell it? For example: "do not think that you talk about skin care, are trying to earn your money. In fact, the face is yours, the spot is yours, wrinkles are yours."

familiar? This one selling mask marketing copy, do not know how much the pass in the circle of friends, write is good, but if in the circle of friends every day, friends certainly can not stand.

duck duck tongue snacks business in the micro shop or small, now would not dare to send these brain hole wide open "derivative chicken soup". "Every day I at most a hair, are close to their lives, and not those online copy of the delicacy of information."

is already taking small or micro new generation. Mask is only a beginning of micro business. "International finance" reporter learned from, duck tongue, coffee to vegetables, health care products, from toys to pet, vase, flower category, rich is really surprising.

derivative is a kind of what is in existence? Exposure mask, "three noes" in a false myth of wealth has been punctured after taking the micro

how to transition?

acquaintance economy

credit system is low, lack of trust products, customer service service is not perfect, the payment is not secure by "micro business swindling" of the controversial

micro business is not WeChat electricity supplier, not only refers to WeChat store. According to the authoritative statement, refers to the individual as a unit, the carrier channel derived Web3.0 era, the traditional way of combination of Internet and there is no regional restrictions, small individual behavior and mobility to achieve new breakthroughs in sales channels. Simply put, micro business is the integration of resources.

for the micro business model, a number of industry insiders believe that the micro business is direct mode + trust agent + acquaintance economy model. Friends push each other, multi mobile phone interaction, their comments like, micro business promotion techniques a series of popular websites, and WeChat in the circle of friends "violence Shuabing" has become the most common means of publicity derivative.

insiders believe that acquaintances

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