Why Tmall to intelligent mobile phone market fire

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double eleven Tmall has been successfully created into China’s shopping carnival. The Jingdong’s 618 anniversary day to copy two eleven and meet as equals by Tmall, however, the United States, shop No. 1 have containment, June will become a promotional feast. This time, Ali is not a price war, but a fundamental solution: in less than 24 hours sold 1 million mobile phone, took pride in the category of Jingdong. However, Ali playing smart phones, ambition is not sales.

appliance has won

shoes and bags, beauty, long tail Tmall is commodity users preferred. Electricity supplier TOP3 category as well as 3C, and in the middle of the year is the sales season of air conditioners, refrigerators, fans and other white goods. However, 3C products and home appliances products competition pattern is more complex: the Jingdong 3C started, suning.com appliances strong; and Gome online from the line to go online, there are channels and supply chain advantage in the field of home appliances; and the Amazon and Newegg two outsiders spoiler.

2012 Jingdong sales of 60 billion 300 million yuan, Tmall city is $50 billion 200 million. "The electric city" vertical mall to intercept the Jingdong, become the core strategy of Tmall. Last year, 618, Tmall will be carried out with the Jingdong on the day of Jingdong home appliance sales exceeded $750 million, while the sales of Tmall electric city is a breakthrough of $1 billion 300 million. Tasted the sweetness of Tmall in the last two to eleven home court, the starting lineup to electrical appliances and 3C, Haier became the first turnover exceeded 100 million of all electric brand, millet is set 1 days sold 339 thousand and 900 units for the final hand record, millet and Haier food shop list one or two, at that time in order to allow mobile phone to promote off the chain, Tmall even opened Easy Access: mobile phone direct cooperation with the SF logistics.

further, at the end of last year, Ali 2 billion 222 million Hong Kong dollar investment in Haier appliances. Not for investment brand appliances, is to cooperate, such as through the alliance of intelligent TV alliance with SKYWORTH, Ali cloud and beauty appliance manufacturers alliance. In this year, Ali also directly under the United States, Joyoung, SUPOR and other brands of small household electrical appliances 12 production lines, try to customize the C2B model based on Ali big data.

through a series of maneuvers, Ali around large appliances and small appliances have become ecological. This can be explained, this time Tmall is no longer the focus of everyone’s electricity and small appliances, but the focus of artillery hit the phone reason, because Tmall has won the appliance.

focus on mobile phone

large household appliances, small appliances and mobile phones accounted for 85% of total sales of Jingdong. In the home appliance has been taken by Tmall Electric City, once the mobile phone is the last piece of land for Tmall Jingdong. From this year’s Tmall strategy, it also takes the phone.

618 Tmall hot words in the search for the promotion of red rice Note, glory 3x and other popular models, the most important position, big street, a large number assigned to >

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