7 days no reason to return to the floor of the electricity supplier is difficult to set up does not

2, the report of the NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection team to check on the implementation of the consumer protection law submitted to the NPC Standing Committee, the report said "some of the contents of the law has not really" landing ", and the implementation of the law to implement the proposals.

no reason to return suffered landing difficult

electricity supplier to set their own does not apply range

[specific case]

"I bought an electronic product on the internet. "States’ support 7 days no reason to return", but also of a customer service return, maintenance tips, plastic foam not in product packaging damage, plastic film packaging machine can not be lost." Guangzhou citizens Mr. Huang said, "businesses because" no reason to return the product must not affect the two sale ", but it makes no reason to return requirement useless."

[inspection report]

NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection team report pointed out: from the inspection situation, there is no reason to return disputes arising in many places has risen to the first consumer complaints."

report shows that the dispute is mainly concentrated in two aspects: first, the return range. Operators and consumers on the application of goods which are unreasonable by the return of a different understanding, resulting in disputes. Two is a good explanation of the goods. Some businesses require not only the product itself is intact, and the packing of the goods must be complete, or even require products shall not be opened, the trial. There are a number of businesses there is a delay in refusing to return, discount or gift merchandise is not returned, etc..

[reporter survey]

‘s survey found that many electricity providers set "does not apply to seven days no reason to return goods", some are "specific types of goods return contain security risks" "cannot exclude consumers to leave for real return and by refusing to implement the 7 days no reason to return.

on taobao.com, the default does not support 7 days no reason to return goods including consumer custom custom commodities, perishable commodities and service nature of the goods, personal idle commodities six. In addition, personal clothing, precious jewelry, furniture, household appliances and other nine categories of goods are classified as the default support for seven days no reason to return, the seller can choose according to the nature of the commodity does not support no reason to return for seven days".

these businesses custom additional conditions, so that the 7 days no reason to return ‘weak execution." Zong Shouyun, deputy director of the Consumer Association of Jilin Province, said, the original intention of the law is good, but in reality there are many reasons not to implement the business. Therefore, the need to develop relevant rules throughout the industry, so that the law is practical, easy to use."

more than a year of public interest litigation successful only one case

related judicial interpretation is expected to introduce

[specific case]

in July this year, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee on the phone pre installed software cited >

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