Five would scare away potential customers business website design

commerce website today in an enterprise has a pivotal position, a business website can not only help your business to help your users or potential users can get help, the more important it is to establish a good corporate image. But for the design of e-commerce website, we tend to make a few mistakes, resulting in our business website is not a good service to us, then I will share some of our today is apt to make mistakes when doing business website, hope to help everyone.

1: too much self promotion

for most companies, they are always concerned about their brand, hoping to attract the attention of visitors on the page or make a deep impression on visitors. So, committed to the construction of the brand is understandable. In fact, brand building is also an important factor to lay a solid foundation for your marketing. However, when an enterprise pays attention to brand publicity over the words, often counterproductive, give your visitors a bad impression, make your visitors think your site was all you, you, you and you. So for a good corporate site, you should limit your advertising or any direct self promotion. Instead, you should educate and provide information about your user base.

two: poor site navigation

for the fast pace of life, the Internet users have been waiting impatiently. The site has a poor site navigation, you may have the potential customers to form as a setback. The site is very representative of your business, and he needs to be able to provide timely information to your target audience when your target audience is on your site. A good site should have a good and consistent navigation. It is very important for building a practical website.

three: offensive content layout

content and layout is very important for a web site. This is one of the key factors that users will continue to look back to your site. The layout of your web site must be simple enough to make it easier for you to make changes when you want to make some changes to the site. At the same time I also recommend that you use the readability and legibility of the font, so that visitors can easily read your content. In addition, it is also necessary to choose the right color for your website. The color of your web site must be able to choose the color that will leave a good impression on your visitors and help you convey the brand information to your visitors.

four: excessive use of pictures and animation

too much is not good. Too many images or videos on your site can also be annoying for your visitors. Yes, the use of images or videos does increase the attractiveness of your site and attract more visitors’ attention. On the contrary, too many pictures or videos can be a distraction to your visitors. In addition, too many pictures or video will also affect the availability of the site, it will reduce the loading speed of the site, scared

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