Cross border electricity supplier consumer goods regulatory lag and blind thinking

in recent years, China’s rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier new format, to the vast number of consumers has brought great convenience. According to statistics, in 2014, the national turnover reached 3 trillion and 750 billion yuan, is expected in 2015 will reach $247 billion 800 million turnover. Ranked by category, sea Amoy clothing, shoes, bags, luxury goods and other consumer demand first. However, there are many consumer goods entering the cross-border electricity supplier quality safety, quality and safety of consumer rights difficult, and the inspection and quarantine supervision because the system is imperfect, resulting in regulatory blind, unable to adapt to the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier of new formats.

prevention and reduction of quality and safety risks, protect the interests of consumers, is the function of inspection and quarantine. How to play the functions of inspection and quarantine, improve cross-border electricity supplier entry inspection and Quarantine of consumer goods, urgent need to study and solve.

problems can not be ignored

system is not perfect, there are blind regulation. At present, the entry quarantine and supervision of cross-border electricity consumer goods inspection is only issued "guidance" on strengthening the administration of quality inspection of cross-border e-commerce consumer goods import and export inspection and supervision work, lack of inspection and quarantine supervision standards and supporting system of cross-border electricity supplier entry of consumer goods, there is no clear and specific regulatory measures and operation requirements, the cross-border electricity consumption entry product management is deficient, can not fully keep up with the development trend of cross-border electricity supplier.

law enforcement standards vary, there are gray areas. At present, the local inspection and quarantine agencies in cross-border entry consumer regulation because of the lack of existing laws and regulations, law enforcement standards are not unified, make cross-border electricity supplier fake entry origin, fake brands of consumer goods to bring risks to the consumer. Moreover, cross-border electricity supplier trade dispute settlement mechanism is not yet perfect, cross-border trading rights channel is poor, the interests of consumers can not be effectively protected.

information technology lags behind, there is no full aperture data. The inspection and quarantine departments have not yet completed information system and cross-border electricity supplier platform seamlessly, category, value, consumer information and so on entry of consumer goods, not complete and accurate grasp, it is difficult for the entry of consumer goods to implement cross-border electricity supplier risk assessment and comprehensive and effective supervision.

need to improve the regulatory measures

inspection and quarantine departments should be combined with the characteristics of consumer goods, inspection and quarantine supervision mechanism to establish and perfect cross-border entry of consumer goods, accelerate the formulation of corresponding work regulations and supporting system, such as: the development of cross-border electricity consumer goods entry inspection and quarantine supervision norms, and the use of risk control system for the inspection and investigation of quality and safety traceability and accountability system etc.; and we should take the following measures, implementation of the cross-border electricity supplier of consumer goods entry source traceability, effective supervision, the responsibility to investigate risk control ".

classified management of consumer goods. The inspection and quarantine agencies by the State Quality Inspection Administration and directly under the Bureau of immigration on cross-border electricity supplier consumer goods quality and safety risk rating results, the establishment of the prohibition of entry class list, key regulatory lists and general regulation list, the list of consumer goods classification > entry

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