Baidu Nuomi 3 7 girls Festival the people of the country to invest billions of dollars positive PK

Baidu Nuomi 3.7 girls’ day, the people of the country to eat and drink billion yuan positive PK Taobao

[TechWeb] March 6th news, a wholly-owned acquisition of glutinous rice network less than half a year, Baidu has basically completed its internal digestion. Starting today, the original glutinous rice network officially changed its name to Baidu Nuomi, Baidu’s direct electricity supplier business.

Baidu vice president and Baidu Nuomi CEO Liu Jun said, Baidu has the advantages of technology and traffic, glutinous rice has many years of experience. After the depth of integration, Baidu Nuomi launched a new brand."

Baidu Nuomi brand after the establishment of the first thing, it is positive with Taobao PK. March 7th -3 month 9 days, Baidu invested 100 million yuan held we will always be girls – Baidu Nuomi 3· 7 girls nationwide pet goddess Festival ", and" Taobao 38 life festival in the South and the North opened the battle.

on Baidu Nuomi’s official website, a banner ad is particularly conspicuous, the introduction of preferential activities are also quite attractive: 3.7 yuan to watch movies, $3.7 to sing K, 3.7 yuan commodity spike……

, according to industry sources close to Baidu, Baidu is trying to follow the industry’s "Festival" mode, the founder of its own electricity supplier promotion Festival, Baidu Nuomi and even Baidu electricity supplier brand.

although the previous electricity supplier mediocre performance, but the Baidu rice network is regarded as a signal of its electricity supplier battles, with Baidu continues the middle page strategy: a state in the middle of the search engines and traditional industries to provide services to others.

glutinous rice network as an independent buy site was acquired by Baidu, followed by the group’s business to digest, fill in the middle of the electricity supplier elements. Not long ago, Baidu quietly on the line for the new channel of Baidu exchange ", a collection of online shopping, games, education, investment and other business, Baidu referred to it as" service life ", and is incorporated naturally sticky web online shopping plate.

and Baidu exchange flow is from the entrance of Baidu search and Box Computing, that is to say, when users to search for goods and service life in the search engine, Baidu will use Box Computing the introduction of "Baidu exchange".

in the mobile terminal, Baidu Nuomi will combine with Baidu maps, the map navigation, etc. found near import orders, directly combined with the mobile phone Baidu search platform, but also have the opportunity to directly import orders to group purchase.

this is also in line with the current BAT three giants of the O2O logic: with the entrance to the flow, to traffic with the transaction. But not for the main business of the electricity supplier Ali, Baidu and Tencent, respectively, the use of search and social advantages cut electricity supplier, and Ali launched PK. (Chuck)

extended reading: Ali in 3.8 to the national people eat and drink, in order to increase O2O contacts and data collection

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