Wo Wo Group updated prospectus disclosure three new independent directors

news February 12th, domestic life service business platform Wowo (formerly Wo Wo Group) updated again in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission official website prospectus. Prospectus, Wowo plans to this IPO to raise 54 million -6500 million dollars, is expected to issue price range of $9-11.

and the two time to submit the prospectus, Wowo this updated prospectus disclosure of three new independent directors.

Tianrou (Robert) Pu, the former UT Sidakang director, chief financial officer and China Nuokang pharmaceutical CFO, with years of experience in financial management and the United States China.

Tony C.Luh, now the Dfj DragonFund Chinese venture investment fund founding partner, before former U.S. health group Spiriva partners, there are more than 20 years of experience in the capital market, strategic alliance, marketing etc..

Min Zhou, the incumbent bewgl limited executive director, ceo.

After the listing of

, all aspects of the requirements are very different from before the listing, to accept supervision from all aspects, in order to be responsible for investors. The industry is expected, three independent directors Wowo newly introduced, will play an important role in the strict supervision of perfecting corporate governance structure and performance, to further enhance the level of corporate governance of litters.

litters in 2012 by the transformation to the platform model group purchase mode. At present, three core products: Wowo mall and mobile client, our e-commerce operating system.

prospectus, as of September 2014, the number of online business platform litters was 100 thousand, the number of registered users in 34 million 100 thousand, 150 City National Cable team service to local businesses. In 2012 and 2013, our platform fee income is $2 million 800 thousand and $10 million.

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