Now that the nternet can sell designer clothes and retailers do

in the fashion business review Business of Fashion this article analysis, bypassing the middle of the network direct marketing seems to be a shortcut to the development of young designers, but the fact is not so optimistic.


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in the interface before the fashion report, there have been young designers and retailers love to kill the story. Now it seems that this game is just beginning, long underdog designers are going to get rid of retailers, achieve homegrown.

in general, the designers of the first few quarters of the production of fashion is usually very small, accordingly, their raw materials and production costs are relatively high. In the high input, low recovery of both ends of the squeeze, the profit itself has been quite meager. Even John Galliano once had to walk the show, not production predicament. The industry default "delayed payment" — at least until after the delivery of the designer a month of receipt in the fashion world young people tend to live in the capital gap in the boundless.

I do not know when, "direct" mode gradually popular: skip the intermediate links, designers get profits will be higher. This is the theoretical basis of the road is feasible? Fashion news website Business of Fashion (hereinafter referred to as BoF) and a few in front of the water test to talk about the results seem to be less than wonderful.

direct profit is almost four times the wholesale

first opened their doors to Facebook and Instagram. With social networking platform, young designers direct online release their latest series. Compared with department stores, boutiques and other intermediary business model, direct sales profit of 3-4 times. More importantly, the brand really has a customer. Resonance Companies co-founder Lawrence Lenihan believes that in the absence of an intermediary, the interaction between the brand and consumers more real, solid. Her company mainly provides financial and operational support for fashion start-ups.

in 2010 on the online store selling fashion brand Warby Parler can be regarded as a successful case. Co-founder Neil Blumenthal in an interview with BoF about their personal insights: after the sale of a large margin of a lot of high, you can do at least the business up to support the daily operating expenses." Designers also believe that clothes in their own hands to get the proper treatment, at least not be arbitrarily included in the discount list. Because in the eyes of consumers, although the discount commodity is easy to dilute the original brand value.


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