Watercress for on line things to business profit model expansion


as the SNS community There remained but a single one. watercress, can be said to be responsible for the SNS type community website on the Internet, when foreign FACEBOOK and twitter are constantly developing and expanding its territory at present, China’s SNS website seems to have entered a period of high development bottleneck, everyone, have become neither dead nor alive only in school. Watercress still struggling with the SNS community website of the sky, although it is them, but also by virtue of its innovation, make SNS website is still in the traditional Internet out of their own piece of the sky.

with Douban loyal users increasing, from the profit model of expansion pressure becomes more and more big, from the initial service life, especially for urban white-collar petty life services have their own rest homes, books, audio and video becomes watercress signs, this also is the key to watercress is different from other community sites. A clear positioning, life group of petty bourgeoisie, the user does not lack in the Internet, if full of zombies steal food, this kind of low-level game of the SNS community, although can temporarily, but not be able to make website creation background, which was soon under the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, hit.

things, books, video life

books, audio and video is the core of watercress create loyal users, today’s new line of "things" is the potential value of mining loyal users, a similar mogujie.com and beautiful shopping sharing community so naturally out of the building, but also to share the shopping is not the same as beautiful and mogujie.com operating mode, this sharing the process is through the establishment of jurisdiction, to gradually open, so it has a certain credibility, this method can effectively eliminate the use of things to share advertising possibilities, so the "thing" in fact is a kind of life douban.

may be a lot of people will think, don’t make a Taobao watercress guest? In fact from Douban things channel operation, and not recommended by Taobao customers link to profits, nor from the user to share is to find the value of profits, in fact watercress things is more so that users have to share the business space this business will share, watercress service space cut into trillions of business space, although this service did not directly profit, but through the brand advertising and the part of the electricity supplier income to profit.

life found

found that life has now become the core idea of using bean bean, the ultimate aim is to let people in the community website truly understand the meaning of existence of the community, rather than simply through a variety of web games to attract users, Douban which focus on the life of operational thinking, to maximize customer loyalty because, to contact the network life through real life, once the circle and team construction, will let users unconsciously become loyal users of douban.

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