E commerce sales increase 50% strategies to meet people’s weird behavior theory


there are so many irrational behaviors in our lives. These irrational behaviors tend to be behind people’s decisions. It is called grotesque, this process is the use of non rational behavior of people, if I called "irrational behavior prompted e-commerce sales increased by 50%, presumably not many readers would come in the list of global. Don’t mind me saying that your behavior is irrational, and the behavior of everyone around us is mostly irrational:

1 marketing:

Why is

a real ancestral hemorrhoids ointment ten dollars to sell, no one asked the time? But put into hundreds of money in network marketing, people begin to buy effectively and make sure that the product use


why a batch of sugar hoarding for several months to sell out to be broken, the boss posted a new batch of sugar in the door, the purchase of 2 per person limit of two". Second days sold out?

why do people know that there is a free gift or price promotions of some goods, regardless of whether the product is useful to themselves, and spent a lot of effort to line up, to fight, to spike


because of the irrational behavior of people tell myself: I take advantage of.

2 soft Wen:

I expect this article to be reproduced 50 times, get my site of the chain of the 50. But in the end I reached my goal. I got 50 outside the chain, I am very happy. Later learned an article with my best friend, is rough and not smooth, the statement. A5 and Chinaz was actually recommended on the home page, got 300 outside the chain, this time, why I will be dissatisfied with myself? My goal is not to have reached it?

because my irrational behavior told me: my article is better than him, should get the chain should be more.

3 life:

a friend asked me to help him see the palm print, to help him diagnose the disease, I said you have a lot of problems, kidney deficiency, prostatitis, etc.. Friends looked comfortable, answer: how could you see the point are not allowed, I don’t have these problems. I can only shake my head. The next day friends come to visit. Meet the first sentence is: what you said yesterday, how to do, how to cure.

because his friend’s irrational behavior told him: I’m right or not, he has begun to doubt their own.

example without feedback to human has a non rational behavior is very fantastic, often these irrational behaviors in the end are key to your decision. The focus of our e-commerce is not to learn from others, but to create. Create what they want, they want. As Robin Li said the same words, we start on the Internet, the most important thing is to change the user’s habits

in fact, I often think about the teacher Fu Dekun said that the electronic business

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