CNNC analyst Meng Fanxin veteran B2C how to deal with new challenges

China Internet Network Information Center analyst Meng Fanxin

CNNIC survey: as of June 2010, Chinese online shopping users, 58.3% of people over the past six months in the Taobao shopping mall, and the traditional old B2C, like, Amazon’s user penetration is only 6.6% and 4.8%, the bright younger generation started 3C products, the flagship mall Jingdong penetration also quickly upgrade to the 2.6%.


Taobao mall high user penetration, the first to rely on its C2C platform. Currently there are 89.3% users in the online shopping Taobao users, Taobao users in the Taobao mall shopping accounted for a large proportion of up to 65.3%. Second, the mall business users compared to the small C sellers have a higher degree of integrity protection, mall sellers are required to have a business license to provide commodity invoice vouchers, can support cash on delivery and other services. In addition, from the development strategy also has to the mall tilt of the trend, to provide better display and promotion for the mall business, these have become the unique advantages of Taobao mall development, attracting many brand manufacturers to join.

news that Taobao plans to continue to launch a variety of household goods, FMCG vertical mall. Although the market has always been on the B2C site is often not comparable with the Taobao C2C platform. But with a huge user base, the system of supporting services, a complete range of goods, Taobao mall is undoubtedly hidden in the C2C platform, a huge B2C competitors.


mall relying on low sales, self built logistics, fast delivery marketing strategy, in recent years in the B2C market in a way, to maintain high speed expansion. Jingdong mall through self built logistics distribution channels to solve the pressure, in March 2010, based in Shanghai Beijing distribution center, the establishment of the southwest regional distribution center in Chengdu; in August 2010, Nanjing has been operating the logistics distribution center. After obtaining the first position in the 3C market, Jingdong shopping malls and stores, combined with thousands of search network, looking for a wider range of user groups and sales space. Although in public opinion in the teeth of the storm, but the Jingdong market fast fierce market strategy and solid logistics foundation shows its tremendous vitality of the market.

traditional old B2C, such as Dangdang, excellence network, although the market is currently in a leading position. But whether it is in the user share, or in terms of market performance, the development is relatively stable. This smooth development relative to the huge user advantage Taobao mall, and the rapid expansion of Jingdong mall compared, but it is a lag, a weak. When Taobao mall user advantage into the market of gold and silver, the old B2C will squeeze the market space; and integrated logistics and service Jingdong market more stable, from the user share is likely to surpass Dangdang and excellence. Veteran B2C facing attack after the situation, how in today’s market to go steady, go.

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