Zhejiang’s first online business license issued by the disabled female students online dream

                      August 7th news; the day before, Zhejiang city of Jiaxing industrial and commercial bureau of Commerce and industry of the West Lake District staff to business shop of disabled college students Yin Huanhuan home, send a business license and tax registration certificate for the. It is reported that this is the first shop in Jiaxing issued a business license.

it is understood that Yin Huanhuan suffering from polio in the Taobao opened a shop called sports goods, mainly engaged in school supplies, stationery and fitness equipment. Because it is the first time the operation of the shop, Yin Huanhuan is the choice of cooperation with suppliers to the mode of operation, to receive orders online, then orders to suppliers, delivery, customer service service from the supplier to complete the Shang dynasty.

"as a new open shop, kids’ Park style shop credibility is very low, so a long time, always consulting people, single people less." Yin Huanhuan told reporters that the shop is not like the store, buyers and sellers are far away, and never met, so the most important thing is to open the shop credibility. In this regard, I have no way to shop and has opened several years shop than. If you have a business license and tax registration certificate, it is not the same: buyers feel my shop is not good enough, you can complain to the business sector, and, if the other party needs the invoice, I can give them. As a result, the credibility will naturally improve."

Zhejiang of Jiaxing City Industrial and commercial director Zhou Haifeng told reporters that the online business is a small investment, small risk, easy operation of the entrepreneurial way for many people, the Lake District in order to support online entrepreneurs, has developed a number of preferential policies, such as engaged in network business of the disabled, students, laid-off workers, veterans, we can tracking, and provide extension services, if the shop encountered problems in the development, we will help them solve. In addition, they can also enjoy the 3 years free class registration and license administrative fees concessions.

it is reported that only one working day, South Lake District Trade and Industry Bureau of industry and Commerce on the West run all the online business license procedures, and specifically to Yin Huanhuan, the business license and tax registration certificate to her hands, let Yin Huanhuan become the first person to eat crab "- this is the first business license of Zhejiang online shop.

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