Examples included in the statistics of Shanghai love is not accurate

as you know, since love that has been launched in Shanghai statistics, we use the term site command is said to love Shanghai inaccurate, as long as you love Shanghai after using the site command, it is in order to promote their love Shanghai statistical tools, suggesting that this is the number is estimated, the site administrator for information collection more accurate, please use the love Shanghai statistics. I believe we see this text familiar, in order to know your site included real data, so we have to install a love Shanghai love Shanghai this promotion of statistical tools, not toxic, as long as our website on the installation of love Shanghai statistics, any traffic movement occurred on our website are all love Shanghai know, for the future users to influence keywords ranking have a significant impact to improve search results, understand this, know why love Shanghai push the statistical tools to spend so much effort.


believe we see the results included queries with empty site command work webmaster is zero, and use love Shanghai statistical inquiry data is collected 1261, of course, this website content too much, can not be a URL to go to Shanghai to find love, but I was judging was collected, so don’t be so simple to K website, K, then it must be the entire site K off. I believe we see from the above example of love in Shanghai statistics is not very accurate.

, I also love Shanghai has just launched the statistical tools installed on the thought that there is love Shanghai real collection of statistics to know your site, but make me depressed happened, I found the website through several cases of love in the so-called Shanghai statistical data is not accurate, I to observe the general situation of this website, use Adsense tools site commands to find out the results in general than the love inside of the little Shanghai statistics. But there are exceptions, I have a blog in Shanghai dragon like this, use the site command data query results is 382, while the love inside the Shanghai statistics is 205, we look at the pictures

According to the difference of the

data from the picture you can see the query with the site command data shows that 382 is real (personally checked), I don’t know why I love Shanghai statistics which is 205, so my conclusion is that love results are not accurate statistics in Shanghai. There is a joke websites can also prove that love Shanghai in the statistics are not accurate, please look at the picture of

sure everyone would have told me the same question, why is it so, personal judgment is possible site command and love Shanghai statistics inside included are not accurate, real data may only know love love Shanghai, Shanghai to promote its own tools to deliberately play such a concept (because of this statistical tools for the collection of information is too important), love Shanghai was out of such a move. But I guess so, accurate statistics > may love Shanghai

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