Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform some explanations about love Shanghai snapshot problem

first, need to clarify the update frequency web crawl frequency and snapshots are two completely different concepts.

has been part of the webmaster update time for love in Shanghai snapshot there are some misunderstanding, that there is a certain relationship between the website snapshot update time and the weight of the website, the more frequently updated snapshot, the higher the weight of the site, on the contrary, the lower the.

in fact, there is no direct relationship between the frequency and the weight of the site snapshot update.

crawl the web page or a new check, we will have the important degree and its timeliness value at different speeds to create index according to the snapshot, usually said the updated index of time, often important updates ", we will create the index at a faster rate. If a page is just general text changes or no content timeliness value does not necessarily will be search engine that quickly update the value of the index, even love Shanghai spider to crawl the web content, the snapshot is not necessarily updated quickly, but this does not mean that it is not important to update or love Shanghai the speed is very slow.

the update page snapshot whether important additions directly associated with the website itself "the weight", whether "K" is not directly related to. The owners do not have to pay more attention to the site over time snapshot, we suggest the webmaster will focus on the content of the website construction, only to improve the website content and the search experience, can be trusted by users and search engines.

Each new ?

every love Shanghai included in the site, check the Baiduspider will be updated according to their content frequency continuously whether the new web page, under normal circumstances, Baiduspider will grab the frequency of new content and website speed match, generally refers to the Baiduspider update to grab the contents of web pages.

an important page in the search engine database often save multiple copies of web page, these snapshots crawl time is not the same. In some extreme cases, the search engine may select the snapshot version is different from the current search results, resulting in the snapshot back time. This has no effect on the web site in the search engine’s performance, does not represent the search engine to the site down the right treatment.

love Shanghai why snapshot update

Why would

snapshot time backwards?A snapshot of

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