How to optimize the site movie station

five, don’t let the profit dazzled by

focus on user experience Three,

two, do not follow the

is now too many people are involved in the ranks of the station to the middle of the film, will inevitably encounter a lot of website templates are the same, so we should be in accordance with their own style first modify the template in the early stages of the site, try to do a clean template, let members looks very comfortable feeling. But the color to set more soft, don’t get in the limelight, so will only make your site look like neither fish nor fowl.

now few owners will go to pay attention to this experience as long as I see every day flow normal to the user, not to pay too much attention to the user experience, since the movie station more Adsense more we should pay attention to their own website experience is good, only to retain some good experience of the site back, so we do in Shanghai dragon must also pay more attention to optimize the user experience, but also a lot of investigation to see their website what is insufficient and then be improved.

many friends update movies are copied directly from the Internet to paste over, inside some of the film are introduced and some explanations are not any changes all copied, this update is no help at all, you can go to Youku, potatoes, Sina, 56, find some original video or other movies to the station. This would ensure the update with others movie websites are not the same thing, but slightly change the name, is a good original and search engines will be more popular.

Copy the

, choose a suitable Shanghai Longfeng site program

site to make their own style of

now I found many webmaster for website profit is concerned, I have seen many webmaster put on the site covered with all kinds of advertisements in the early stages of the site, and then in the Shanghai dragon optimization and promotion, it is not only the search engine on your very friendly, and you do Shanghai Longfeng optimization it is very difficult, and the user experience will be very bad, I think your site not on the 3000IP word root >

since we are optimizing the movie station, you should choose a suitable film station and Shanghai Longfeng convenient program optimization, here I recommend you can use Marx CMS to the station, the understanding friend should know Marx is designed to make the movie station station system point, is very perfect and comprehensive are for some functions of film site, so we should choose a good reputation and very easy to use program.


recently there are a lot of people involved in the film to the ranks of the station, because the movie station traffic and profitability are very violent, and the movie site maintenance is also easier to maintain, so many people are beginning to slowly toward the movie station, today we will talk about how to optimize the movie station.

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