Novice Shanghai dragon five taboos technique

two, do not put the chain as a whole Shanghai dragon. Don’t think you will update the site, you add the chain is a Shanghai dragon Er, we all know that the chain is a part of Shanghai dragon, but most people don’t really know how to should be how to operate the chain. Now there are a lot of mass software, keyword optimization software and other software have emerged, many people thought it was good stuff, in fact.

, not blindly follow the online tutorial or related books to learn. Even if some tutorials or articles that are valuable, but we all know that search engines are constantly changing, we see in the tutorial, it is likely that they say is out of date. There are so-called tutorials or books of the author’s level is uneven, real experience is the master, there are people out of order random write, and the others take over to change into their own things.

five, must not give up halfway, must unremittingly. No matter what difficulties and suffering you are not down, don’t give up. If you think you can do that, then you might have made no small achievements in the Shanghai dragon website optimization.

, based on my experience to remind you.

. Many beginners in not much experience under the condition to optimize popular keywords, everything is a process that has not yet learned to walk to run people will definitely fall. The first to do it in general terms, and even popular points of words, learn from it and summarize the experience, as long as the down-to-earth study and practice, the near future you are a Shanghai dragon website optimization master, you can take the popular keyword.

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no matter what you do, in the first phase error that is a normal thing, some novice in Shanghai in the early days of the dragon to do some do not need to do not even do things, to spend a lot of time and energy, in fact, there are a lot of mistakes predecessors have committed, we do not need to go to these here to give you a brief detour, say. For reference:

three, do not throw a link; the chain is very important to a website, and how to obtain a high quality of the chain which is a lot of people are worried. It is worth noting that a large number of tools group the entire Internet made the The atmosphere was foul. The group has become a garbage link, not only make the website ranking not to upgrade, there may also be the decline in ranking, and some have even been regarded as cheating website to the closure.

Four, do not have

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