You love Shanghai ranked second socialization content really want to replace the Shanghai Phoenix

two, Shanghai or dragon really updated every day, outside the chain of

although this may also benefit from the love of Shanghai convulsions, but no matter how personal sense of social platform optimization will also is the future of social marketing in a key. Institute of social marketing and Shanghai dragon, everyone will think of some time ago the United States well-known financial magazine "Forbes" recently published marketing expert Ken · Krogh (Ken Krogue) for the analysis of the Shanghai dragon, mentioned in the article: Shanghai dragon phoenix is dead or in 2 years will disappear, and social real time content will be popular. There are different views on this comment, Shanghai Longfeng mainly for search engines, socialization of the main content for users, if you have been Shanghai dragon machinery as search engine to do so, then it is likely to die, through the love of Shanghai K of the station, you can see love Shanghai’s resolution. If the Shanghai Dragon into the socialization trend of future, will win another sky Shanghai dragon? Talk about this, because a platform, light blog belongs to the content of socialization, Shanghai dragon really want to be social content replaced? Now is too early to talk about these. But the trend of the Internet, the sooner you can master it more zhandexianji.

Although this blog at


who knows the night view the key when the blog ranking was rushed to the Shanghai home of love second, really let himself by surprise, because before he has been with the company’s Web site to do the optimization, a busy day to night to update the article, the hair of the chain, the best time is reached tenth this word, competitive or deep.

, the future of Shanghai dragon really want to be social content instead of

this afternoon in the fall in love with the sea view company main keywords "wedding training" ranking, found in a blog on the blog to row to the second page, at that time did not care too much, but I feel as to page second add data and some of the more eye-catching ads might go! Tuck

every time you encounter some Shanghai Longfeng problems, to the forum asked, the most heard the answer is, adhere to the original, insist on the chain, but when we have insisted on this, but found himself more and more tired, do not do the original, pseudo original or crappy original, the chain is all around to do so, even if still do but what is not updated every day looking at competitors. Personally feel that the future of Shanghai dragon must get rid of the low-level operations to Shanghai dragon industry into a higher level. The original is precious, the quality of higher prices. "



for a long period of time management, but now all the time to do site optimization has not reached the height of their own to produce some new thoughts on optimization.


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