n the face of turbulent love again reflects the adjustment of Shanghai left for the king of truth


a month to adjust the two Google PR, how many webmaster cannot move? In the afternoon of 18 Google again small update PR, from the last update time less than a month, remember the last time wide update June 28th. A month to update PR two times, how many webmaster can settle down? There are some abnormal changes, the recent love Shanghai appear ly, LWH, why several Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng site, there is a famous Shanghai dragon blog ranking fluctuations unknown. This time also admitted to wipe a webmaster mentality, this time often is left for the king, there is a saying: light fixed money left

many webmaster in website optimization keywords is the same, why complain all day, every time Google PR updates are not their own, why Google is so unfair, why not update PR only my own website, Google is not on my bias. Recently, Shanghai love changes constantly in the rankings, even one day, a web site keywords ranking position adjustment several times. In a recent fall in love with sea station K also appeared several times, many websites suffer K, even no home page, website ranking is more needless to say. Many owners began to complain, why I always love Shanghai for the website, people’s website why not K, the ranking is not down, my site drop right, love Shanghai so unfair! Follow your mind begins to change, and then optimize their work has also had the change. Most of the time, many webmaster is not the lack of technology, but a good attitude, the so-called Shanghai dragon world, left for the king is the truth.

In the face of the recent Google

to do site optimization ranking if do not pleased not to have compassion, I believe you are not far from success. Shanghai has so many love website ranking changes, this is a matter of fact, my website also appeared in fluctuation, from the third page position fell to the tenth page. Originally the site optimization this work is a duty, not a month for two months, when we handle the work to do about the same time, this time the fight and mentality, do every day is enough, there will always be paid in return, I believe this sentence > met his site

website optimization circles all ordinary, a veteran will be more of a calm, a calm, and in fact we live in is the same reason, when we want to remain calm, calm and composure, not because of momentary contented happy, excited, think oneself really can do. Today I site keywords ranking home page, that he had succeeded, can control the search engine. If it fails, we feel that the world will become very dark, so everyone is my friend like. This person will live very tired, never lose a victory, but what is lost. If a person to see what is too heavy, so it will accomplish nothing. No non indifferent to Ming, non quiet without the far.

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