Lu Guofu four stable factors determine the optimal success


I have many times in the article emphasizes the importance of content, because the content of the website is the core of the website, users come to our site, we rely on high-quality content to retain users, so has always stressed that the original article, because the search engine the daily workload is very large, which included the article before and will make a database of articles comparison, found your article high repetition, and your website weight is not high, it is likely that it will not be put out, so the high quality content is to make search engines love important factors of your site. Then the contents of OK, then we have to consider is the site update frequency of the problem, a lot of friends website the frequency of updates is not stable, good mood when update several pieces, the mood is not good if a week is not updated, so it is not good to the search engine, we like to go home in the play, if found to several little change, then we will go, we will not go. So the content update frequency must steadily update. When updates can function and method of operation in accordance with the operation of this article in the chain.

is normal

site is a stable space we must pay attention to the details, a lot of friends in this little note, after all, the price is not a space, a lot of friends chose a >

is the first point to emphasize is the content, then many friends will think of the chain. The website of the chain to improve website rankings have great influence, outside the chain of good will make your site search engine get more attention. In front of the chain wrote this website need we can see what the problem?. In fact, a Links chain is what we call the Links must be stable, I wrote this article in front of Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog mentioned in my analysis of weight decreased Links in 5, 6 sites have been unable to access the problem, I think this is also a great hurt, so I hope my friends look at the web site data in the exchange links, stable link to conquer all. There is an increase in time Links must increase, or by the search engine to determine the cheating time, have no time to regret. When I want to exchange Links I can refer to this Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog Links exchange standard.


two site outside the chain is stable and normal

three web site space is stable and fast

now do the Shanghai dragon optimization for more than a year’s time, in the process we do optimization have been stressed the need to stabilize the website, actually the website stability we say not only refers to the stability of site space. I found love Shanghai particularly sensitive to this instability, will give you some colour to see, now my blog is halfway there are some unstable factors, led to the current snapshot not update, included not increase. Today Wuhan Shanghai dragon with his blog to share the stable development of website what data is we must pay attention to.

A website content update frequency

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