How to make the 2013 website home love Shanghai station optimization article

to you how to do in the station optimization before I give you analyze why love Shanghai Encyclopedia of high weight, ranking good? The love is love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia products (you know), the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love within the chain to do good. So in 2013 the website to love Shanghai home from the station in the chain start.

: the so-called junk junk the chain is the chain outside the station released a lot of no reading outside the chain, this is a little love to punish Shanghai.

in my opinion, the reason many sites are penalized 3 points: garbage outside the chain, Links quality, the quality of the station.

how to do the chain of the article: the article links to articles can recommend reading form, for example: the 2013 how to do web site optimization, website optimization recommended reading must find related articles, not recommended for website construction, network marketing article. Can also refer to rules and related articles in the article, for example: in Shanghai to adjust the search engine ranking rules, a large number of sites fought.

The current 2013 love punishment

August 2012 23 is a day of mourning for the webmaster, because the love of Shanghai search engine adjustment, many sites have been K, has been nearly 4 months, not far from also ranking. Today is December 12, 2012, in the last month of the year, I believe that many owners are thinking about how to make the website of Shanghai 2013 love home, to tell the truth, I Chinese site in Shanghai Longfeng long thinking about this problem, after several months of practice, and finally realize the website how to optimize the current search engine after adjustment love, can make the keyword ranking Shanghai home, below I to share with you, for your school exchange.

station link is divided into: the article, based on the column page, the home page

site posts: some website content quality is not high, the content of the article or collecting or false original or not reading, but also a standard love Shanghai punishment.

Shanghai website

website love Shanghai home, from the station of

Links quality: many owners in order to save, see each other as long as the weight of high PR high, regardless of whether their website content and website related exchange chain; another point is to buy a large number of individual links, but also love Shanghai punish one, according to the data statistics, those who buy the chain of the site have been K. Many people want to ask, love what Shanghai is know whether the site is the purchase of the site. On this point, Shanghai dragon Chinese network station to tell you, love Shanghai judge this site will be enough Links standard from your website is not to judge, but you buy from the website of the other side of judgment, when love Shanghai found a site with single export links, he judged the website in the sale of Links he, who appeared in the website chain involves websites all receive the punishment.

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