How to quickly restore love down the right site in Shanghai

7, the site has been attacked, after the attack site shut down.

first of all we want to know why, our website is down right. Only know the reason why we can be targeted to solve the problem. After solving the problem we need to sum up experience, after how to do in order to avoid the drop right! So in accordance with the above three steps we 11:

5, recently there is no modification of the page;

1, the website, see if it is a new station, if the station quickly to the front row, there are suspected of cheating;

first, we must understand the reason the site down the right, then go to the

3, check the relevant domain, Google link link (link can check out the high weight link): the quality of the chain difference will affect the weight of

then, know.


you 3, this website is not to buy someone else’s domain name;

2, the other site is suspected of cheating: whether the site is pure advertising website; website content quality; whether the soft anchor text links a large number of

two, through the collection of site: view website, you can find out the horse, to detect whether the acquisition:


four, check some things outside of the main chain, whether it is because in the fall of rights caused by


three, ask, is generally ask website managers some drop right before the operation, find out the reasons of website drop right from these operations, mainly about several operational problems:

1, Links: check whether the Links website in the fall of right; Links is too much; the other site ranking brand word;

! horse! from where?

2, look at his related domain: asked whether he had been sending. If made, there will be many outside the chain link type; domain name;

6, ask him what time do the pseudo static; the old station is because the pseudo static result;

, through IIS server log view status code:

How long do you

status code returned if it is "404" so that the path is a dead link; if it is "500503" so that the server space is not stable; if the return status code is "304" that page updates too! These are likely to cause the site to drop right, of course, this is said to visit the spider returns the status code, rather than accessing the state code!!!

4, this domain name is a cheating; if he bought a cheating domain, then you have to take before he brought down the right of cheating;

: Domain

through the title, if the site was linked to horse general will automatically generate some junk page, the title usually repeat. If this is the case that your site may be

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