Love be the most changeful Shanghai search included drop detailed analysis

love Shanghai update. Basically love Shanghai will often update adjustment, general update this is normal, as long as your ranking has no effect, did not decline, then it is normal, do not bother to update, adhere to the optimization can drop some included.

some websites not less included, but before the 5 article released every day, can be included 3 article, although now released 5 only 1 articles included, even an article is not included, it is included reducing, after the net strange Shanghai Longfeng analysis, general website had revised, the original site of some of the procedures and tectonic changes are found in Shanghai, love your website and not the same as before, on your website rusty, the number of spiders to less, it will reduce the natural. So a website but do the best, do not even need revision, revision, step by step, this is for the best, don’t delete the old content.

website was hacked, we do the most awful is that the server is not stable, the website was hacked, the net strange Shanghai dragon also encountered students site was invaded, the only way is to change a server, thus preventing intrusion, the official website was hacked because some cause included reduced by a file in a file to FTP.

cheating practices, cause included reduced, as for what you use cheating means I don’t know (for example, hidden stack keywords >

2012 this year was an eventful year, love Shanghai algorithm has been adjusted, has been changed, for often included drop webmaster, analyze the reasons for the decline included here.

included reducing the reason analysis of two:


The quality of the

love Shanghai suddenly reduced It is without rhyme or reason. included problems, many owners have encountered recently, many students ask their singular Shanghai dragon website rather baffling love Shanghai included reducing, some still did not find the reason, there is no suitable solution. Some friends say love is called Shanghai included reducing the hair fell in love with altitude".


included reducing one reason:

included reducing the reason analysis of five:

Reduce the cause analysis of three

, is to emphasize the numerous problems, before we have done a business website included from hundreds to dozens, we were investigating the reasons, the first time found the site the quality problem, although many articles published every day, but the others are false, the quality is not high. 3 years ago, Shanghai Longfeng collection of other articles, the search engine that is love, 2 years ago, the article also has a proper pseudo effect, but now the pseudo original search engine is generally able to identify. It included drop, first check is not the quality problem.

included reducing the reason analysis of four:

The use of

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