Meet these problems how to solve the new snapshot

most of the time snapshot will change some signals to the site recently, according to the operation examples, if your file snapshot It is without rhyme or reason. or even disappear, then the site 80% is pulled the hair. It is also because with such foreshowing snapshot, so many new friends always have this or for a snapshot that is sensitive to emotions. In view of this, I summarized some problems of the snapshot share to you, hope you can help me with you as a webmaster. Of course, the following is my personal opinion, not place together to discuss.

compared to the snapshot update is not normal, the home page snapshot is more frightening. Because in the eyes of many old webmaster, snapshot is K station prelude, did not hesitate to consult. In fact, I think this thing is a direct impact, because in my opinion, each page in the search engine that will have a number of backup, such as the Shanghai algorithm to adjust the stage of love in some special cases, it is easy to appear to show the effect of the error caused before the backup is called out, we are worried about this the occurrence of appeared, but when all the abnormal phenomenon will disappear again to stabilize. So long as our own website is no problem, there is no possibility of cheating, so no harm is still relatively low, but for those who do not update itself timely, cheating means station sites, snapshot is obviously their quality can not meet the current requirements of crawling, the correction is actually more like K precursors. After all, because there is only the fruit, the website hardware strength is the most solid foundation we refuse to treat a snapshot of the blind.

snapshot home page and not how to do, don’t have problems.

snapshot will be K station rhythm it.


believes that this is a lot of owners are most concerned about, because in the actual operation of the process we will find that if the snapshot time their constantly changing, sometimes stagnant, and delayed a few days, so your site will have a certain impact. Keywords or drop, or directly by K off. Therefore, this let many webmaster becomes like a badly frightened person, blindly think that as long as the snapshot is not normal, then the site will have big problems. In fact, in Shanghai the official definition of love, is just a snapshot of pure text document, is the site can not be opened as a preview for user interface, no other value added. The blind will update snapshot ranking hook is not too appropriate frequency and website. But through the normal operation, if your site is normal, updated timely and high quality, and can make into the construction of the chain and flow, so the snapshot will remain one of the fast update frequency. So the snapshot update to a certain extent, showing you the nearest site condition.

snapshot update frequency and site rankings have no direct relationship.

do not know if you have this problem, when you click on the page and home page snapshot, you will find out is not relevant, but one of the other pages, if there is.


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