Shanghai Longfeng Title Optimization looks like very powerful

title to reject mediocrity, when necessary to add inflammatory words, but should not overdo sth.. For example, a cosmetics website, in which you can add >

3, adding seditious words

each page has a theme, the title should be written on this theme. For example, an introduction of commodity information ", should emphasize on commodity prices, reviews, origin, specifications, advantages and so on, as the story of the brand, the production process of goods, may also mention the web page, but not all listed in the title, it will dilute the core information of this web page, let the title does not seem to focus on.

But today I want to discuss the details of the

2, the use of special symbol

therefore, the title must write attractive, "looks like very powerful, let others see after the click desire. Can refer to the following optimization techniques:

title means that in Shanghai Longfeng what? A lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners may say it is the first reference to identify the search engine web content. This is to say a version of itself is bad, yes, a search engine to identify web content is probably the most important reference "title.

1, the core of the web information extraction

, is the title of the deeper meaning, may not be limited to Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon the most direct purpose is to let his "row to the first page. So, if you have the opportunity to row to the first page, your competitive advantage? "Row to the first page of the time, of course, hope to have more people to click on your title to your site. So, what visitors click on your title? Of course is because your title is more attractive. Sometimes, especially love Shanghai, home of the ten position hits is not necessarily a qualifying decision, because Chinese browsing search results look more evenly, because two is not particularly quasi love Shanghai search results.

first, do Shanghai Longfeng, many people first priority is to put the key words to the whole title, which is in any case is not negotiable, title does not contain the keyword is a very low-level error. However, a lot of people on the basis of not doing too much optimization, just stay in the level with keywords. In fact, to the title can get more clicks, talent shows itself, need to do more optimization based on keywords layout.

special symbolic role is very clear, is to Bo eye. For example, [], [], < > this kind of symbol, now more and more people, because they can make the title looks different, but also can make the title organized, in order to focus on two looks. For example, if the page is a picture or food, in the title "[map] [Video]," the word may have more desire to click.

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