The 5 big search trend in 2016 can not be ignored

2. structured data is more significant in

2015, announced the opening of its new noble baby machine learning systems, namely RankBrain, the artificial intelligence (AI) technology is designed to search for a better understanding of. Noble baby official also said that when there has never been a search term appears in search engine, this technology will be very helpful. This new ranking mechanism in the test phase quickly highlights its advantages, as the search giants nobility baby said, RankBrain will be the third most important signal in its ranking algorithm.


and other search engines when the nobility baby can be very good for Machine Learning algorithm, they can understand the potential needs of the audience and by showing the most needed information, and thus enhance the user search experience. So how to grasp the

stands in the technical perspective, if advertisers grasp this opportunity, need to pay close attention to structured data. Structured data such as based identification, identification, relationship between help Adsense by describing the page content accurately and search engine to communicate, rather than the content of web pages to code > left crawler

APP by advertisers to enhance brand awareness, we need to optimize APP. Usually, the design is beautiful, and the good architecture and brand information of the mobile terminal application, is very helpful for APP operation. Remember, when a user searches for a APP application in the store, they can only see the APP icon and a small amount of information, all APP related pictures, especially the icon, the user clicks to try to stimulate the desire for more information. On the other hand, when the APP application store shelves, users began to seek, to review and monitor the user rating of APP. When users start Tucao experience poor or there will be some wrong place, should be timely to repair and to inform the user of the problem has been treated.

in the past year, search and content marketing has undergone many major changes of website development, the original content or is no longer subject. On the contrary, to search and social data for the material creation, has become a new trend. This may be the new skill of the webmaster grab the audience attention. In this paper, the morning tea will share 5 owners in 2016 to pay close attention to the trend of Shanghai dragon.

1. mobile APP need to optimize

mobile APP may be 2016 search and brand show is becoming more and more important factors in the amount of. In 2015, mobile search volume over the PC side, at the same time, usage of mobile APP is also growing. According to the relevant data show that the mobile terminal consumption occupies the paid search consumption of 52%, and the top five hundred enterprises have 42% sales leads from the mobile APP. App will be to enhance the user experience of mobile terminal indispensable tools.

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