The difference between the website ranking and the long term stability of the fast

1. creative cost

, a cost difference between

we don’t choose the black cap as a long-term stable ranking, we need to update some long-term stability to meet the needs of users, so we need to search for a special editorial staff to do the content, and the chain chain, we need specialized personnel to do a relatively high quality of the chain and through systematic training and, while rapid ranking only through the purchase link directly to complete the construction of the chain, long-term stability relative to the rapid ranking and human resources cost is relatively high.

In fact,

if we choose to make the difference on the creative content of the website, then our keyword ranking will be relatively long-term and stable, and meet the needs of the creative content that we can provide users with unique value and different content in the industry website, at the same time we do creative content of the cost is relatively high.

2. and human resources cost

normal website optimization speed difference is not obvious, in the optimization operation of the above many people love to take a shortcut, always want to do today second days of operation will immediately get ranked, such as a lot of people found that an operation can improve his ranking immediately to the batch operation, and this situation is cheating the operation, which is very harmful to the website. >

1. website optimization speed difference

many people will choose the black hat causes rapid ranking is because the human resource cost and the relative investment is less, the batch capture content do they need only locomotive for example can produce large amounts of content, without having to go to specialized editors to write original, it will save a lot of manpower cost at the same time, the updated content is collected every day, can make the website have short-term rankings.

two, the speed difference between

for the website ranking Shanghai Longfeng different persons understanding is different, a lot of people doing keyword ranking will always require fast ranking, as far as possible to shorten the cycle of keywords ranking, but ignore the long-term stability of this factor, shorten the cycle of course I want, but if you tried to pursue this site factors, often results in the former flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, compared to the long-term stability of the rankings can obtain more stable flow, we further improve the conversion rate, this is what we should pursue, there are some differences in rankings on the website of the rapid and long-term stability in the operation is, today for everyone to share the difference the two.

if we choose not to dig site difference creative content, so our website ranking is relatively fast, but not stable, because our website long-term with respect to the user is of no value, not for industry user viscosity, so the rapid ranking for different cost requirements creative content is relative low.

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