Factors affecting the website of Shanghai Longfeng Xinshoubikan ranking


5, page URL and domain name in the keyword

if you know that the search engine ranking algorithm if we clearly know what factors affect website ranking in the search engine. But, unfortunately, the ranking algorithm of search engine is not released. We do not need to know the specific algorithm, because the search engine will often update their ranking algorithms. We only need to know the basic rules should not become without what big problem.

Factors affecting

page visible elements

page URL and domain name if there is a keyword, on your site in the search engine ranking will be a bit more or less positive influence.

6, internal links

4, outbound links

header page, in the HTML tag is from H1 to H6 these six labels. The highest H1 weight, decreasing the weight back, so the most important keywords in web pages on the H1 inside, will directly affect the web search engine ranking.

, the 1 page title

no ground for blame the content of a web page, how important it is to this page. Not only is the user pays much attention to the content of the page, so is our search engine. Because the search engine is for customer service, the search engine is more concerned about the user experience.

The structure of

site links out of the search engine will be valued. The Internet link above is useful for your website, so as to search engine. Therefore, if your page links out of the links are links to simply irrelevant or it is garbage, then it is possible to your site in the search engine rankings is greatly reduced.

Meta description is very important, but now the search engine on the Meta description of the weight is not very high, but many search engines row >

each page title tag is a HTML tag is very important, in the search engine ranking in the weight is very high. So, optimization of the page title is one of the most important factors in Shanghai dragon, he not only affect search engine rankings, more can make to increase the user clicks on the web.

factors within the site can be divided into "visible elements and elements that are not visible.


3, the content of the page

1, Meta

is not visible on the page elements

search engine can be divided into internal factors and external factors of the web site.


structure is a good internal links website is very popular search engine favour. On the site in the search engine rankings is very worthwhile to spend some time on the website of the internal links.

2, page header

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