Foreign trade Shanghai dragon attention to improve the discrimination ability of the Google update w


Spammier: is the classification of Web site based on, then determine whether there is garbage sites of the sites. This phrase can use some of the sites for search engine results in classification, such as computer games, movies, music website.

Google distinguished engineer Matt Cutts in Google webmaster blog publicly praised those websites with high quality, and said that in the next work, will focus on the introduction of an algorithm for the waste site, this algorithm will affect the site’s ranking.

is a great highlight the Google update algorithm, it may affect about 3% of all queries, including English, German, Chinese and Arabic language, do not know this update to the webmaster friends will cause much impact

update algorithm, Google has been developing more advanced, they use statistical language model, speech recognition, Machine Translation to identify on the page "unnatural word distribution", and even determine synonyms in context. So Google in the face of huge data when there is a simpler algorithm.

In the Google network April 24th

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2, the use of statistical language model to identify "

Phrasification: select duplicate pages from the spring window. Focus on jumping out of different types of sites in the small window page page repeat screening, once found to be filtered out.

3, put forward two new queries and phrasification


search engine to determine the Web cluster associated with the site in some way, such as on the same host, bridge page for these pages for the target and related articles, once determined this is a cluster, cluster file may receive the search text, see that the text belongs to them inside. If not once was found outside the text link to enter, will be considered cheating, while in the detection of internal documents, the search engine will meta tag inside the main content of the search, if found in the meta tag with repetitive keywords, or are hidden in the words on the page, or the page contains a lot of irrelevant links, so unfortunately, this website has also been included in the search engine spam blacklist.

in Shanghai Longfeng industry seems to have not a new thing, as everyone knows, Google for a long time to update in this algorithm over the optimization of the website, and the update algorithm targeted is junk website. What kind of website will be attacked in the algorithm update? Few highlights we first look at the "update" garbage algorithm:


1, Google launched several recognition systems of different elements to detect website

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