Shanghai Longfeng electric district held a contest in my opinion

the evening of April 5th, and the electric district Shanghai Longfeng contest sponsors green outfit chat, learned that the contest and the past is only the top-level domain name to contest rules in April 1st to May 1st, "the three words power values" do it first, you can get 10 thousand yuan reward.

Shanghai dragon? Love Shanghai, the explanation given is: search engine optimization! About Shanghai dragon, in fact I have very shallow understanding. Remember not heard in Shanghai dragon, one of my blog one day can have both the flow of three thousand, then listen to people say that Shanghai dragon play is good, you can complete the love of Shanghai when the monkey, very easy to get traffic. As a result, there is a period of time, when I wrote the article, beginning in the title, at the beginning of each period, and then at the end to add keywords, the traffic has dropped a lot, then completely throw away Shanghai dragon, now kept in the 1 day of thousands of flow around.

, my view is that "business" three words ranking method should change? If someone put a "electric business circle" three words for 29 days to do the first, but the last day off, so I couldn’t get the first prize, this is not very unjust. I think this kind of competition, we should first improve the integral system, every statistical time points, set a time every day, take 1 – 30 of the statistics, the score is 30 points —1 points! This analogy, the statistics for 30 days, and finally through the final points to this kind of selection, to determine the ranking more fair.

This What is the

Shanghai dragon exists in every corner of the Internet. "

visible in Shanghai love view, the user experience is always the most important, deliberately Shanghai dragon often fall in love with sea K miserably. But sometimes the opposite is true, we love Shanghai by billboard that a word now is ranked first in the "sky", love Shanghai, found in the first row is not the starting point, but also a website, visible Shanghai dragon is still very important. In more and more enterprises to carry out e-commerce, often a friend asked me, they want to engage in e-commerce, promotion should pay attention to the Shanghai dragon or PPC? My answer is, if long-term do normal product, of course, to increase investment in the Shanghai dragon, so later the brand construction can also to lay a good foundation. Of course, if you want to play the short term, beauty care products and profits, I suggest you first fired employees understand Shanghai Longfeng, let go to Shanghai for sex. Well, not much to say, back into the business, my opinion for this contest.

in fact, we all know, engage in activities, whether the prize money, or iphone4. not to engage in activities to engage in activities, but in order to pass the activities to boost the popularity of the website, improve website visibility and influence. So, why have the parochial prejudice "". I think I should put this activity open, do not set any domain restriction threshold, everyone who can participate.