Shanghai dragon company please pay attention to the latest love Shanghai Webmaster Tools



as a member of the company, Shanghai love is always our main position optimization. So for the love of Shanghai adjustment and the latest developments, we must always pay attention to the latest trends, we love Shanghai to grasp the direction of Shanghai dragon. A lot of people have not noticed, so here today are, convenient for everyone. 2014.02.20 1:57

1) power distribution — a massive search designed for mobile phone terminal is more fit for mobile search search strategy, let users easily have mobile phone site traffic.

2) cash flow to make easy money – Seamless love Shanghai Union Station in the massive resources, mobile phone mobile promotion materials, mobile traffic.



5, site app two new function

in the morning

note: for ordinary users in the Internet can normally access the content, Baiduspider can not access and grab, grab is abnormal. This function allows owners more clearly love Shanghai spider crawling the web times, and probably because of the space server is not stable or death caused by crawling the page number of failures, so as to let the webmaster more convenient and detailed on the site as a whole to control, and not to do the work but I do not know the result that a loss at a loss.

2, grab the abnormal function upgrade, directly display the total number and the number of errors of

This paper consists of:

if the pressure is abnormal, the webmaster can also submit feedback informed love Shanghai

Guangxi cross era Shanghai Longfeng company 贵族宝贝zhongwangyulian贵族宝贝/, reproduced please specify!

3, the rebate feedback data curve, and the overall change of daily data at a glance

1, page optimization tips page revision, separate pages and pictures check

Shanghai dragon


4, security detection function upgrade, compared to the original part of the increase in function. This feature is very important for the owners of limited space, omitting

summary: from the above love Shanghai webmaster function to increase and upgrade can be seen, in order to win over the owners or, in order to improve their own good, for whatever reason, love Shanghai as a search engine function more perfect and convenient. Shanghai Longfeng company and the owners of analysis, days after the Shanghai dragon optimization work of the grasp and control will be more clear.