Teach you how to use the pictures to improve site traffic

we all know that the search engine can not judge the picture of the original article is after all, because the image is a complex thing, if I take a picture of you, but in my website and you are completely different, you may wonder how? Because I have the size of the pictures are changed, not only that the picture description, the title of the article, but also a little change, I think no matter who is the search engine will think that this is my own original, there is no way to study its sources. So this is just to use, greatly improve your included with originality, also is to the original image.

can find some expression content of the popular picture, the picture of the title of the article keywords set of image attributes. You can try, if you continuously updated hundreds of articles like this, you will find such a phenomenon, not only included the amount of love in Shanghai is greatly improved and traffic is increasing rapidly. Why is love Shanghai image search mode can make your article as search results, not only that even the news pages of search results will appear. In other words, if a picture of your article was collected, your site will appear in Shanghai and Google are in love, if you keep doing this, in a few years, you will experience a search engine to bring you the flow of joy, look carefully will know most comes from you image search.

sites currently, most of the owners take the way is to use a lot of content to update to improve the search engines, but have not found such a problem, although the website reached tens of thousands or even more visits but still did not improve, for what? There are many reasons, because now the web site people in more than one of you, whether you choose what type of website has a lot of people and you in the competition, you don’t choose properly, too many people do, it is difficult to have the opportunity to compete in the many talent shows itself, if only rely on improving the website weight so for the novice webmaster, it is a to move forward more obstacles, it is indeed difficult, people are watching with web traffic and their profit can only helplessly, is really too much to handle. So today we’re going to talk about is how to improve the site visits with pictures after reading the article, you may become click into place.

search engine to determine the image text description has a basis, that is the image attribute: " alt" it may attribute a different name, but in almost all of the website is to add pictures can all be set, we use the right mouse button to complete the rename of the picture. Usually, we used an article from other sites, will modify the picture’s title, the content of the article introduces the properties, picture, but the picture content should not too much, as long as it can express the meaning of the picture can be, and to take the title and keywords plus.

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now realized that the webmaster for the few, this means that the first update the site in this way.