Stable website ranking we need to pay attention to six points

in addition to do things, the chain is also very important, especially for new sites, want to go beyond the old station must be in the chain above hard, of course we do when the chain is not a chain to say is good, after the years of observation found many webmaster love to do a lot of the chain, while ignoring whether these chain of its useful, or whether it is collected, these are worth thinking. Here I recommend you webmaster can be issued in accordance with the steady increase in the chain to record some of the success of the site, so accumulated over time, the chain of our website will be very powerful, but must remember to "stable", not three days more than two or three net.

(two) to create high-quality content, increase the page weight.

(three) stable increase for the web site outside the chain.

for the ranking of a website, a stable and reasonable internal structure is the most basic and most critical, because it not only represents a website foundation, but also a focus of the spider crawling daily, so at this time we can say a website to do, from the initial the planning to implementation, the most basic is that we need to arrange the site within the structure, and need to keep stable sustained, do not change the internal structure of the website.

, a web server is crucial for the ranking of a website is, for example, if your site when spider crawling your site found open, one day is two days or so, so, so after the accumulation of time how to get the favor of spiders? Don’t you the website snapshot is not normal, it is caused by the instability of the web server, so I call here you don’t use those cheap unstable space, give your website to find a good space server. "

(a) the reasonable internal structure, stable.

website with the industry increasingly fierce competition, ranking is every webmaster is a big problem, especially for many webmaster, hard to do website ranking search engine home page, but always whipped up and down the website ranking is not stable enough, in the face of the website ranking is not stable, it is the one thing the webmaster very distressed so, today I will share with you how I deal with the status of the website ranking is not stable.

(four) stable web server.


we all know, search engines love quality content of the original, of course, the pseudo weight is desirable, so when we have to update the website as the content of the website to do, do fine, do not love the user, the spider will also favor, is the best of both worlds. Of course, here I suggest you’d better have a fixed point to update the published articles, so to develop a rule, after the spider slowly familiar, you will find the content of your site will reach a second effect