Shanghai dragon enterprise website gain six ideas the original article material

website has opened a month, now love Shanghai with snapshot is normal. As the Shanghai dragon Er work every day is to update the articles and send the chain. Shanghai dragon, as we all know, the original article is the most friendly to search engine, is a key factor to improve the site weight fast.

4. to love Shanghai search and download some documents, search "doc format such as traffic facilities, traffic facilities PDF PDF is the best words in the document, the document can be directly copied, you can get a title, as an original article. Meet the multi page document, you can put each chapter alone pick out an article. (Thunder dog search engine is also a very good professional document search engine).

is to summarize a few points I do original article:

6. found one or two professional traffic facilities technology website, "technical articles, translation" which translation is rewriting, professional use of the vernacular written words. Some statements is not good rewriting, reverse the paragraph order, from the middle of interception of a words or increase the original text, rewrite the best at the beginning and end of their own to write a original text, this article.

methodSome of the things that concern the recent

2. far not said, what happened on your city business, our company is in Guangzhou, not long ago, Guangzhou Tianhe District street, stalls is separated by iron railings seen on the internet. Iron is the product of our company, it can do some articles.

1. company for example, where to sell dozens of water horse, or signed a guardrail production orders, these can be written in the article as the company released news. Last, the boss gave me a task, bidding on Witkey websites for the appearance of a design scheme of zhilupai products, this information also can be published on the company’s website.

5. some professional books. The text search engine is rarely included, if not cost-effective to buy books, some digital library can go online to find the. For example, superstar digital library, the books are free to read, but also can install the software software with OCR function, can directly identify cannot copy the text, without manual excerpt, so you can quickly get a large number of original articles for your release.

3. customer inquiries can also be used to writing articles, customers sent the data is just the best original material. The company’s QQ mailbox every day will receive our inquiry Weiminghu customers, some products can be used as the original data.

I the site of the article is divided into two sections to release a press center, is a knowledge of the industry. The company is a small company to do traffic facilities, to say the news, no news, but small things can be used for material. There are some professional articles can also be used as a pseudo original.


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