The new direction of search engine optimization in 2016

3. mobile station slowly become the mainstream

website also affect the user experience, so according to the website traffic to choose a good server, this is also an important factor for optimization.


5. does not have the garbage outside the chain optimization function of

2. website layout meets the user experience

In fact, this is

1. high quality content for the construction of

love Shanghai constantly with the new algorithm, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is more and more difficult to do, keyword ranking constantly ups and downs, as Shanghai dragon Er we need is constantly strengthening our trial and error, optimization techniques constantly, constantly to understand love Shanghai algorithm, then 2016 Shanghai Longfeng optimization what new direction


this point in love Shanghai algorithm will not change, but is particularly important, the importance of the content is the core of our website construction quality. Both users and search engines love Shanghai, high quality content is affected by love. But high quality content is original content? In fact, many people think that my article as long as the original content on it, but this is not the case, the original article is not equal to high quality content, love Shanghai search engine and the user is not only love with high quality content and is the original and unique articles. This is a good article.

mobile station optimization is a must be taken seriously, the current mobile Internet traffic has exceeded the PC site, so the mobile end user experience is to be done, the PC and the mobile terminal to go hand in hand.

concluded: eight of the fish here to tell you all the details of the decision, the user experience of the website is better than love Shanghai and users love, in 2016, as long as we do not optimize these details >

and above to view, as long as the user is love, love of Shanghai will be included in your site, of course also includes some websites, love of spiders in Shanghai is not very senior can identify flash, video website content and so on, so this one is still to be valued, if excessive use of this website, it is difficult to love spiders in Shanghai included, in the process of website construction, we should make for the user experience of Web site and love Shanghai favorite website.


optimization of the people know that the chain for the emperor, the chain is king in this sentence, in the past few years, many people have released the chain in various forums, but it has no significance, send the chain to the right place, we are looking for is related to high weight high places send chain the hair of the chain, and not copy paste, love Shanghai will give you ranking. If a high quality original content, unique, such that. So do a lot of optimization is a day fifty or sixty? That doesn’t have a meaning, not love love Shanghai as content, timely was collected, it will only have the opposite effect.

server spaceOpen the speed

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